Marketing Your Home

When selling your home, having a rock solid marketing and promotion plan is critical.  Our comprehensive plan includes a list of 126 items that we do for all of our seller clients.  We are on a mission to give all of our clients A Better Real Estate Experience and we believe that excellent marketing is not just optional, it’s essential to achieving results.

Many agents out there just do the bare minimum; they put the property online, put a sign in the yard, and then pray someone else sells the property.  NOT US!  When you list with Josh Lavik & Associates you’ve just taken a step in the right direction to have A Better Real Estate Experience.  We believe that excellent marketing takes a little extra time and effort.  That’s why we like to meet with our home seller client’s weeks before actually going on the market.  This allows us extra time to truly prepare the home for the market and begin our pre-marketing plan, which builds even more demand.  The result is that the property will sell faster and for more money when we officially launch our marketing plan.

Fill out the form below to learn more about our full marketing plan.  We will send you our “pre-listing” packet that covers everything we do for our seller clients.

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