Thinking of Building a New Home?

2014 Spring Parade of Homes

Are you currently in search of a new home to accommodate your family, but facing challenges due to the limited inventory of resale properties available on the market? Alternatively, have you reached a point where your current starter home no longer meets your needs, and you're eager to transition into the "dream home" you've always desired? If either of these scenarios resonates with you, now might be the opportune moment to seriously consider investing in a brand-new home.

To kick-start the process, simply fill out the form below and provide us with more information about your ideal new home. We will promptly follow up with tailored advice and guidance specifically tailored to your new construction needs.

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We recently built a new home with Josh serving us as a buyers agent. He and his staff did a wonderful job. Several issue and problems came up along the way with the builder. His advice and counsel was great. Josh’s relaxed personality helped resolve some heated disputes and keep the deal moving forward. We would use Josh’s services again and give our highest recommendation!
I’ve sold two houses and bought two houses with Cortney as my realtor. Each transaction went smoothly and her and her team ensured everything went as smoothly as possible.
Josh was extremely wonderful throughout this process. He was patient and understanding to our needs. We truly appreciate him and his team in helping us purchase our new home. I will definitely use him again in our new future home. Thanks again Josh.
Super helpful throughout the process, thank you Josh for being so quick to help:)

Still not sure about building a new home?

Opting to build a new home offers an array of compelling advantages over purchasing an older property. Why settle for compromises that often come with used homes, such as unsatisfactory finishes or an impractical floor plan, when you have the opportunity to personally curate every aspect of your new home? By embarking on the journey of creating a brand new property, you not only have the freedom to tailor it to your current style preferences, but you also stand to benefit from enhanced energy efficiency that complies with the latest building codes, resulting in significant savings on heating and cooling expenses. Furthermore, the added assurance of minimal maintenance issues to contend with for an extended period is a noteworthy advantage worth considering.

If you've reached this point, it's evident that you're genuinely interested in exploring the possibility of constructing a new home. However, you might be wondering where to begin. Which builders should you approach? How can you effectively compare different builders in the Madison area? And most importantly, how can you ensure that they will deliver a high-quality result? These are all excellent questions, and you likely have many more on your mind.

This is precisely where we step in. At Josh Lavik & Associates, we are a local real estate team dedicated to providing A Better Real Estate Experience.  When it comes to building a new home, our commitment to this mission remains steadfast. The advantage for you is that we have worked with many of the local builders and have conducted extensive research to help our clients find the right builder match.