You Need High-Quality Photos and Video Tours When Selling Your Home

The real estate market has shifted and you have to do more than just have a home for sale to get it sold. Sure, in 2020 and 2021, homes were "flying off the shelves" with so much demand many listings sold for above the asking price, but times have changed.

Some homes are still getting multiple offers, but it's not the same as just a few months ago or a year ago. Sellers have to do more to get their homes sold. High-quality listing pictures and a video tour can go a very long way.

Stats About Listing Pictures & Video Tours

Research from IMOTO and the Center of Real Estate Development has shown that high-quality photos and video tours are very helpful when selling your home. Some of the stats from these reports include:

  • More than 61% of Realtors stated that real estate photography is crucial when selling a home
  • Homes with high-quality listing pictures sell 32% faster
  • More than 72% of Realtors surveyed believe that real estate photography has helped them get more listings
  • Nearly 70% of Realtors stated that professional photos have decreased the days on market for listings
  • 88% of Realtors believe professional real estate photos increase showings and listing views online
  • Homes with more photos in the listing sell faster
  • Homes prices from $200K to $1 million sell for $3K to $11K more with high-quality pictures

While these stats are all about listing pictures if a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words is a video worth? Video tours became very popular in 2020, for obvious reasons. They haven't gone away due to the way buyers like to shop for homes now.

With a high percentage of potential buyers looking at homes online first, a video tour can help weed out the buyers that are simply not that interested. It can also help those looking to buy a home sight unseen.

In fact, a survey done by Redfin showed that 63% of buyers looking at listings with video tours made an offer without touring the property in person. Another report from showed that 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with a real estate agent using video tours. also showed that listings with a virtual tour received 87% more views compared to listings with no tours at all.

There are many good reasons to use a video tour in your home listing. With so many people relocating from out-of-state, this makes it much easier to reach a larger audience of potential buyers.

Benefits of High-Quality Photos and Video Tours

  1. Your Home Might Sell Faster
  2. You Might Get a Higher Price
  3. Home Listings with High-Quality Pictures and a Video Tour get more views
  4. You Might Get a Bidding War
  5. Your Home Listing Will Stand Out

It's pretty obvious why you want to have high-quality listing pictures and a video tour. With the market shifting away from the seller and demand for homes dropping, you need to do more to get your home sold faster and for a higher price.

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