Would You Buy and Live in a Haunted House?

Have you ever walked into a room and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? A lot of people are born with a 6th sense and can feel when things are not quite right. Would you still move into your dream property if this happened to you?

You may not be interested in sharing your new home with mice or ants, but what about ghosts? Nearly 33% of Americans are willing to share their dwellings with the supernatural. Some buyers actually seek out supposedly haunted homes.

As a Seller, should I disclose that my home might be haunted?

From state to state, real estate laws vary but most do not require any sort of ghost disclosure regarding the property.  “Property conditions that adversely impact a property’s value or structural integrity or that pose a health or safety risk” are the only thing that Wisconsin brokers and sellers are required by law to disclose.

Even if you do decide to disclose that your property might be haunted, some buyers will just think you are exaggerating and will take no notice. This also has the potential to differentiate your home from others and showcase its uniqueness.

Some buyers are purposefully looking for haunted homes. This is within reason though. Most looking for these homes do not desire a place where the ghost is a result of a violent crime and death.

Casper the friendly ghost

Some homeowners, that believe that they are living in a haunted dwelling, report actually feeling safe and calm with most spirits that they are sharing their space with. They say that it is almost like they have a guardian angel looking over their home and protecting them.

Most all movies and tv shows depict ghosts as evil spirits but many report that they are just looking over the property and the new family and mean no harm to them. Given the tight real estate market, it may be easier to roommate with a ghost in your dream home than try to find another property that you love.

Real estate agents, attorneys, and experts do advise that the seller always be honest and disclose any supernatural activity. It is up to the buyer to decide if this is a deal-breaker or add character to the home and property. A record 25% of Americans report having lived in a haunted house but only 21% of those say that they would sell due to their home being haunted.

Ghost Hunter

Even if you are not living in the Amityville horror house, It is not uncommon to have your home blessed by an ordained priest or pastor. Some people even use burning sage to spiritually cleanse a home and certain rooms.

If you do not have the ability to detect when things might be off-kilter, but it is still a concern of yours, you can bring a friend along that might be more sensitive to those things. You could even hire someone to come do a ghost inspection.  I mean, after all, you hire an inspector for everything else!

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