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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

On July 9th 2015 Stephen Pipson of TDS Home Performance conducted a Home Performance Assessment Report for Josh Lavik's house. Josh's family was noticing the impact of paying over $300 for one month during winter and with their growing family, felt it was necessary to take steps for a more safe and efficient home. The assessment included a blower door test with thermal imaging, combustion safety and ventilation testing plus a full physical inspection of the home to determine where the air leakage is occurring.

Another benefit of doing the energy assessment is because Focus on Energy is offering various reward incentives. Prior to the energy assessment Josh said, "I heard that there might be some tax credits or something out there but didn't know exactly how much or where to find it. Obviously that was a factor in our decision to do this now rather than wait." Then a quick search on the Focus on Energy website reveals that they have "Helped Wisconsinites save energy and money since 2001".

The report of the Lavik's home received notes of the current condition and then advises of the best plan of action for the specific areas. The recommendations for the Lavik's home included: correcting water heater venting issues, air sealing and insulation added to side and upper attics, air sealing the garage from the house, upgrading ventilation and insulating the sill boxes. By fixing the issues defined by the TDS Home Performance Assessment, the Lavik's can plan on enjoying the comfort change and utility savings.

Interested in your own home energy audit? Then check out TDS Home Performance or contact your local trade ally.

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