Will high speed rail come to Wisconsin?

Scott Walker is the new governor in Wisconsin and has pledged to kill the funding for a high speed rail project from Milwaukee to Madison. I recently took a trip to Southern California and was blown away at the major traffic congestion on a 12 lane superhighway. During rush hour it can take an hour to go 10 miles. That tells me one thing, roads and more roads is not necessarily the solution. I love the freedom my car gives me, but can't we have a better alternative for travel within our urban environments?

I recognize that rail travel is not for everyone. Just like an old farm pickup truck is not for everyone. Although, rail can be a great alternative. I know of a friend in the Chicago area that intentionally bought a new condo right near the rail line. He owns and drives a car, but he wanted to live close to the rail line for an easier commute to work and/or downtown. I can think of numerous other friends that love traveling on trains. Why? Because it's a more relaxing way to travel. There's no road rage to worry about and you can actually read, work, or take a nap while traveling. Brilliant!

In the Madison area, Amtrack goes to Columbus, not Madison. What's with that? Really? I fully recognize that there's a big recession going on and people are struggling, but having a high speed rail line from Milwaukee to Madison can create more opportunities, which equals jobs. Let's look for alternative ways to grow our economy rather than, "wait for it to recover."

Here's a recent article in the local paper - Train supporters respond to Walker's moves to kill the project

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If this actually does happen and you want live close to the train station, then click here to search real estate in downtown Madison by the train station.

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