Why Isn't Your Home Selling?

Sellers have been favored in the Madison real estate market for many months now. In fact, if your house isn't selling, it's a bit of an anomaly right now. With less inventory than necessary, it shouldn't be hard to get your home sold.

However, if you’re struggling to sell your home, there could be a reason behind it. Here are some of the top reasons your home may not be selling in Madison.

The Price

Setting the right price makes a huge difference. Too high of a price and you'll scare off potential buyers. If you set a list price too low, buyers may wonder what's wrong with the home.

Pricing is the top reasons a home doesn't sell in any real estate market. When you set the right price, it will sell and in a seller's market, it will sell fast.

Sellers often set too high of a price due to emotional attachment. Hiring a good real estate agent can give you an objective opinion and help you set the right price for your home.

Not Properly Staged

An un-staged home means it could be too personal for buyers. When you still have family pictures up and your decor everywhere, it may not appeal to a large enough audience.

Buyers need to see the home as their own, not yours. Staging will not only help to take you out of the home, but will also give you better listing pictures. Both of these can help get your home sold faster and for a better price.

Poor Marketing

If you're trying to sell your home on your own, it may not be listed on MLS. You may also be missing the social media buzz you need to get your home sold. Even if you hired a real estate agent, they may not be marketing your home correctly. With good marketing, your home will sell. Make sure you have an agent with the ability to market your home and get it sold.

Your Agent isn't Great

The right real estate agent knows how to get a home sold. Even when it's not a seller's market, they see great success. With the Madison market favoring sellers, a great agent will not only sell your home fast, but also get you a higher price than an okay agent.

Make sure your agent has a good track record, works full time and understands the local market. If they don't know what they are doing, you may see your house sit on the market far too long, which will cause you to either have to drop your price or take it off the market.

There are several reasons why your home may not be selling. These are some of the top reasons. If you're struggling to sell it yourself, hire a great real estate agent and you'll see better results.

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