Which House Plants are Right for Madison Condo Owners?

When you live in a condo in Madison, the right house plants can make you feel more at home. Plants help to filter the air and supply oxygen as they absorb the carbon dioxide. They have also been known to help reduce stress and can even help you sleep better.

Whether you've been stuck inside due to COVID-19 or you just want to spruce up your condo, choosing the best plans for condo residents can brighten up your day. Here's a list of some of the top house plants for condo owners in Madison, WI.

English Ivy

A top choice for condo owners in Madison, English Ivy can handle the cold weather conditions and doesn't require much sunlight. It also offers medicinal properties.

English Ivy does like bright light, so putting it near a window is a good idea. It will require good drainage but doesn't need to be watered too often. It will grow fast and acts as a natural air purifier.

Parlor Palm

Another good plant for those living in Madison condos, the Parlor Palm offers a great choice. It's an attractive plant that will help clean the air. During warmer weather, you can even move it out onto a balcony or patio.

Parlor Plans are very inexpensive and they don't need much attention. The plant will grow to about four feet tall and can withstand low light conditions.


A unique plant with large green leave, Philodendrons will last for many years. They can live with any level of humidity and sunlight and easily adapt to new climates. You won't have to worry as much about watering, the level of sunlight, or fertilization with a Philodendron.

Spider Plant

A very popular choice for condo owners in Madison, the spider plant is super low maintenance. It's a great indoor plant and will grow in a wide range of temperatures. Indirect sunlight is best.

With spider plants, you do need to be careful if you have a cat. They may be attracted to the plant, which can cause an accident if they get into it.

Boston Fern

A great cold-weather plant that actually prefers colder, dry weather, the Boston Fern offers a beautiful choice for Madison condo owners. The plant will help to purify the air and even remove toxins from cooking, smoking, and painting.

Boston Ferns will grow in medium light and the soil just needs to stay moist. A cool place with indirect light is best. You can even move the plan outside during the summer.

Lucky Bamboo

A very cool plant for condo owners in Madison, Lucky Bamboo offers a great choice. They need little water and can survive in the shade. Some even believe the plant brings you good luck.

You don't need to keep Lucky Bamboo in direct sunlight and it will only need to be watered on occasion. Your plant may grow up to about three feet in size.

These are some of the best plants you will find for condo owners in Madison. Since they are lower maintenance and don't require as much sunlight, you can enjoy these beautiful plants, even in a condo.

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