Which Home Styles are Most Popular in the US?

The United States offers several styles of homes from the incredibly unique to the rather plain. Throughout the history of the country, many different types of homes have become popular; some more than others.

Whether you're getting ready to start the home search or you're just curious, here's a look at the most popular home styles found throughout the U.S.

Ranch Homes

Maybe the most popular home style in the country, the iconic ranch-style home is found throughout the United States. This home-style usually offers an open layout and may come in a split-level option.

Typically, the ranch-style home is single-story and offers a low-to-the-ground design. It can also be referred to as a rambler, in some regions of the country.

Ranch-style homes tend to be the most affordable. They were the most common style of home sold in 2019, which is common from year-to-year.

Colonial Homes

A very popular style of home found on the East Coast of the United States, the Colonial-style home provides a classic look with old-world charm. These types of homes typically offer symmetrical window placement with ornamental entryways.

Colonial homes first made popular in the late 1800s and some found on the market today date back to the 1800s. Usually, this type of home offers two or three stories with brick or wood facades and a fireplace.

Victorian Homes

Known as the most common style of home in Wisconsin, Victorian-style homes offer multiple styles including Queen Anne. These homes started to become very popular from about 1860 to 1900 during the Victorian Era. They were known for the abundant details and romantic look.

Many of the newer Victorian homes retain the traditional features and colors. These ornate homes offer steeply pitched front roofs, patterned shingles, and dominate front-facing facades.

Cape Cod Homes

Another popular home style found in Wisconsin, Cape Cod homes are similar to the American cottage-style home. While this home-style started in the New England area, it migrated to the Midwest and has become a popular style all across the country.

Many of the original Cape Cod homes were rather small. They feature dormer windows and hardwood floors. It's common to find older Cape Cod homes with finished space upstairs and these homes tend to be easy for adding an addition to the side or back.

Craftsman Homes

A very popular and loved style of home, the Craftsman-style home is very prominent in the Pacific Northwest. These homes are found throughout the country, even in Madison, Wisconsin.

Thick trim is common with prominent ceiling beams. Craftsman-style homes often come with open floor plans and it's not uncommon to find a covered front porch on these charming homes.

The United States is home to several types of houses throughout the country. These are some of the most popular and most commonly found home styles in the country. Whether you're searching for a new home in Madison, WI or you're just wondering which home-styles are the most popular, you now have your answer.

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