Where to Go in Madison if You're into Gardening

Gardening is one of the ways people relieve stress. Being a refreshing activity for both kids and adults, people are setting up their own kitchen gardens in their yards. For those who do not have yards, planters and hanging plants have been a great alternative for them to practice gardening.

If you have a passion for gardening, you do not have to enjoy it within the confines of your home. There are green destinations that you can go to and learn more about plants, and even introduce some more to your garden.

If you live in or around Madison, or you are looking to visit sometime, you are in luck. This is because the region has tons of gardener-friendly spots that you can visit. Here are some.

1. Indoor plants and accessories boutiques

You do not need to have a large garden to enjoy gardening. Indoor gardening is a good option, especially for beginners. There are tons of shops in, Madison where you can go shopping or window shopping for beautiful indoor plants and accessories.

Wildewood and Hilldale Shopping Center is among the vibrant houseplant shopping. The spot is also graced with plant experts who will be ready to answer any questions you have regarding the gorgeous plants they have.

Go ready to get blown away by the beautiful, handcrafted planters and gorgeous plants.

2. Olbrich botanical gardens

Olbrich Botanical Gardens - panoramio (10)

This is considered one of the most popular attractions in Madison and a good spot for gardeners. The attraction is featured by a rose garden, perennial garden, rock garden, herb garden, and rose garden to mention a few.

With a one-day visit, you will probably not exhaust all the beauty the botanical garden has to offer. The garden sits on 116 acres of outdoor space, and it is also graced by an indoor plant paradise. The exciting part is that Olbrich Botanical Garden also hosts a myriad of concerts and events.

If you are looking to combine a thrilling gardening experience with socializing, stay updated on the calendar to get the most out of this paradise.

3. Monona Terrace

All gardeners who have been to this destination were impressed. If you share the same likes, then make plans to visit Monona Terrace. It is a beautiful rooftop garden that also gives a beautiful overview of the surrounding areas.

On the rooftop, you will not only get to enjoy the diversity of plants. You will get a stunning view of Lake Monona and the State Capitol.

4. Brenda’s Blumenladen

Brenda’s Blumenladen is yet another spot totally worth your visit. Here your eyes will feast on the best of everything. We are talking about native plants, garden décor, fresh flowers, indoor plants, and much more.

If you are looking to vamp up your landscape, then this is the best spot to shop for your landscape plants. You can find a wide range of plants, from perennials, shrubs, herbs, edible plants to evergreen plants.

Gardening is for sure a refreshing activity. Visiting a gardener-friendly spot in Madison will be an enjoyable and excellent learning experience. There is more to see, but the spots above would be a great place to start.

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