Where to Go in Madison for Incredible Cheese Curds

It's no secret, Wisconsin is known for amazing cheese. When it comes to cheese curds, you won't find any better than the ones you'll find throughout Madison, WI. Whether it's a craving you’re having or you just love eating cheese curds regularly, you need to know where to go. Here's a look at some of the top choices throughout Madison for cheese curds.

Craftsman Table & Tap - Middleton

Found at 6712 Frank Lloyd Wright Avenue in Middleton, Craftsman Table & Tap offers some of the best cheese curds you will find. It's an upscale brewpub with classed cheese curds presented in a metal tin with a buttermilk ranch dipping sauce.

While the entire menu is great, when you dine at Craftsman Table & Tap, you will certainly want to start the experience with the cheese curds.

The Great Dane - Multiple Locations

Whether you head to the Fitchburg, Wausau, or Downtown Madison locations of The Great Dane, you'll have the option to enjoy what they call Old Glory Cheese Curds. These delicious curds are served with a roasted hatch green chili crema, which makes it a bit of a spicy option.

You will also find the cheese curds on the late-night menu at The Great Dane. No matter your reason for stopping in, you can certainly curb your cheese craving with some of Madison's best cheese curds here.

Next Door Brewing - Madison

A sports bar/brewpub offering incredible cheese curds, Next Door provides a bit of a unique twist. They use Muenster cheese instead of cheddar and they make their curds very large. They are served with creamy ranch dipping sauce and the curds are actually made with a beer batter.

Cadre - Madison

Found at 2540 University Avenue, Cadre is a newer choice for cheese curds. It took over the space where Oliver's Public House was and they kept a few favorite items from the menu at Oliver's.

The Chevre Cheese Curd is one of those favorites, which includes bleu goat cheese and a chili honey sauce. It's served with pickled radishes and offers a rather unique version of cheese curds in Madison.

Curd Girl

While Curd Girl isn't a restaurant, you won't find better cheese curds in Madison. This food cart offers some of the best traditional cheese curds you will find, but you can only get them during part of the year.

Curd Girl is often featured at the Taste of Madison and other events throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Graze - Madison

Many head to Graze for the incredible views, but the food also draws plenty in. The cheese curds are incredible and made with a vodka batter. They are not as greasy as some of the others and the farm-to-table values of Graze mean all ingredients are local.

The cheddar curds on their menu come from Hook's in Mineral Point, WI. They are served with house-made ranch dipping sauce and offer a delicious choice.

Finding cheese curds in Madison isn't difficult. Finding the best cheese curds, however, maybe a bit more difficult. Try all the options on this list and discover your new favorite!

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