Where to go Cross-Country Skiing in Madison, WI?

It's about time for the snow to start falling. The winter is nearly here and cross-country skiing will begin throughout Madison.

When you want to hit the snow and enjoy some time on your skies, you need to know where to go. Whether you're a beginner to cross-country skiing or you've been skiing for years, there are plenty of great spots near Madison for cross-country skiing.

Top 4 Spots to Enjoy Cross-County Skiing near Madison

1. Madison Area Parks

Just about every park found in Madison with trails can be used for cross-country skiing. You will need to get an annual or daily ski permit for some of the parks including Odana Hills, Yahara Hills, and Elver Park. These passes are $7 for a day pass and $30 for an annual pass.

Some of the parks you can enjoy cross-country skiing at in Madison include:

  • Elver Park
  • Cherokee Marsh South Conservation
  • Yahara Hills
  • Door Creek
  • Odana Hills
  • Owen Conservation
  • Turkville Point Conservation

The parks will open once the first snowfall hits or at least four inches of snow is on the ground and the trail conditions fit for skiing.

2. Dane County Parks

Along with the Madison city parks, you can enjoy cross-country skiing on many Dane County Parks. The trails will be groomed for skiing; usually starting in December and the season will run through March. It takes four inches of snow and consistent freezing temperatures to get the trails ready.

All skiers 16 years of age or older will need to purchase a ski permit for the groomed trails. You can cross-country ski on ungroomed trails without a permit. Some of the Dane County Parks open for cross-county skiing include:

  • CampRock County Park
  • Token Creek County Park
  • Indian Lake County Park
  • McCarthy Youth & Conservation County Park
  • William G. Lunney Lake Farm County Park

3. The Madison Nordic Ski Club

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you can join The Madison Nordic Ski Club to enjoy plenty of cross-country skiing this year. Signups are currently open for the Juniors Program and for the Nordic Kids program.

The club provides monthly meetings, lessons, a race series, special activities for kids, day and weekend tours, and more. They ski all throughout the area at some of the parks listed above and many other locations.

4. Madison-area Golf Courses

Along with the park trails throughout Madison and the surrounding area, many golf courses offer cross-country skiing in the winter. You can enjoy plenty of golf courses in the area with The Madison Nordic Ski Club, but you can also visit them on your own.

Some of the area golf courses allowing cross-country skiing include:

  • Monona Golf Course
  • Odana Golf Course
  • University Ridge Golf Course
  • Yahara Hills Golf Course
  • Pleasant View Golf Course
  • Lodi Golf Club

All of these courses offer cross-country skiing for those looking to enjoy plenty of fun this winter.

Many other areas throughout Madison and the surrounding area offer cross-country skiing. Joining The Madison Nordic Ski Club offers access to many of the best ski areas throughout Madison and the surrounding area.

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