What to Know About Moving in the Winter?

Most people wouldn’t voluntarily move during the winter months, so those who do generally have a direct reason for it. Maybe you’ve been moved to a different location for a job, maybe an elderly family member needs caretaking, or maybe you’ve just found your dream home (even if it IS cold and dreary) – regardless, we have some tips to help this process move more smoothly during these harsh months.

Be Flexible

Winter can be unpredictable. This means you might need to go with the flow depending on what the weather is like. Let’s say there was a snowstorm or icy road conditions – this will mean you might have to reschedule something for a different day or take a different route.

Have Someone Take Care of Children and Pets

It might be a good idea to hire a babysitter or have a family member keep track and take care of your children and pets as you start your moving process. This will take extra stress and responsibility off of your shoulders as you navigate moving.

Specifically, during the winter months, you can’t just send children and pets outside due to the cold weather. This is the perfect time to go ahead and hire a babysitter.

Keep Checking the Radar

Keep that radar tab open on your computer or phone. You want to stay ahead of the weather and always be aware of what the conditions will be like. This way, you can avoid scheduling your official move during a winter downfall.

Plan for Delays

Moving days can be incredibly stressful and, like anything, can have some ups and downs along the way. Although this has the potential to for added stress, if you plan for it and accept it, it will help you stay calm and able to go with the flow.

Start Packing Early

Although you won’t want to pack up the things you use day to day too early, it’s possible to get some of the clutter packed away ahead of time. Start packing some boxes of things that are the least used and work from there. Maybe do a garage sale as well, selling the things you don’t use at all to give you a little extra cash during the moving process.

Check and Make Sure Your Utilities are Working in Your New House

The last thing you want when moving to a new house is for your refrigerator or heat to not work. However, don’t crank up the heat too high just yet. Chances are, during the process of the move, you will have doors open for hours at a time.

Because of this, a lot of heat will escape, which will be lots of dollars wafting out the doors. So, yes, turn the heat up but not up too high!

Cover the Floors in Your New House

You won’t want people tracking in slush and mud during the move. To prevent this, cover your floors with plastic, towels, or other coverings. 

If you're ready to relocate to Madison, use these tips to make moving in the winter much easier. 

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