What Should You do When Downsizing with Stuff Your Kids Don't Want?

The time has finally arrived – you are ready to start downsizing the junk in your home. You may feel that it is smooth sailing from here, just toss everything to your grown kids. Then, you find your kids don’t want any of the stuff, not even that old clock that used to hang on the wall when they were little.

They want a clutter-free home just as much as you. So, what do you do when you’re trying to get rid of everything and your kids don’t want it? 

What to Do with it All

Toss it

This is the easiest way of getting rid of everything. Don’t think about how attached you are to something or how much you will miss it and just toss it. Cassette tapes, broken items, photos of your ex. Go ahead and toss them all because seriously, what good are they to you? By keeping them, will they be beneficial to you? No. Toss it.

Sell Your Stuff

If you feel you could make money from some of the items you want to get rid of, then you may want to sell them. Go ahead, gather up valuable stuff and hold a yard sale the next weekend. On the other hand, if you have antiques, gather them up and take them to a reputable antique dealer and see how much you could get off of them.

Donate the Items

For some people, donating items is their last resort, but it shouldn’t be, especially if people could use the items. Why would you want to put something in storage or toss it out if it’s something someone else could use?

Chances are, your kids aren’t going to change their minds about that old clock, so go ahead and donate it. Sometimes, knowing your items are going to be appreciated by someone will make it easier to get rid of the stuff. Go ahead, try it and you’ll be happy that you chose that route.

Let Go of the Sad Stuff

You should definitely let go of the sad stuff, if possible. Instead, choose to keep the items that only bring back happy and positive memories. Really, there’s no time for sadness, so let go of it.

Be Selective

Instead of insisting that your kids take quantity, try focusing on giving them quality. Give your children a beautiful gift that has meaning to them. When you give it to them, include a story about it so that they understand exactly why it is important.

Preserve Your Memories

Maybe there are some things you’re just not ready to give up, like that glassware collection or those old Christmas ornaments and that is okay. Those are your favorites that have been a happy part of your memories for as long as you remember.

Keep those happy feelings going by choosing a couple of your favorites and for the rest, you can take some pictures of them. Keep them on a thumb drive, so you will always have them.

Decluttering a home isn’t easy, especially when you have so much that you have to get rid of. Sometimes, it’s best to hire a decluttering service in your area to help you through the process. 

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