What do you know about Fitchburg???

Fitchburg is unique. It seems to be this abyss of land on the south side of Madison that includes 35 square miles. One interesting thing about Fitchburg is that there doesn't seem to be a central downtown. There is no school district specifically for Fitchburg, and yet there's an interesting mix of shopping, apartments, modest homes, and of course very large beautiful homes.

One thing that I like about Fitchburg is that it has nice neighborhoods. The Indians must have had some influence on naming, with names like Seminole Hills, Seminole Forest, Seminole Glen, and Seminole Ridge. Or maybe you would like to live in a place named Quarry Hill, Oak Meadow, Pine Ridge, Jamestown, Byrnewood, or Bellmar. Swan Creek is one of my favorites because it's located a little off the beaten path while still being close enough to everything. This is also an area where there was the Parade of Homes in 2003. In the summertime, Fitchburg can be a great place to hop on your bicycle and ride along the Capitol City Bike Trail. Last summer I had a nice long ride along the Capitol City Trail, through the Arboretum, and around Lake Monona. Aahh, what a great day. I think I'm ready for Spring and Summer.

I have recently been working with a client who looked to Fitchburg for a new condo to purchase. She said, "I really like that area. It seems like there are a lot of young professionals in the area." That makes sense with the mix of technology companies in Fitchburg such as Promega and Berbee. Also nearby are some other major employers include the University of Wisconsin Research Park with over 4000 employees and Epic Systems in Verona with over 2500 employees.

What's your favorite part about Fitchburg?

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