Top Restaurants for Cheese Dishes in Madison

Madison offers plenty of great dishes for cheese dishes. When you're ready for a dish including some great Wisconsin cheese, you need to know where to go. Here are some of the top restaurants with the best cheese dishes throughout Madison, WI.

Heritage Tavern

The tempura bacon-wrapped cheese curds and sweet potatoes is the choice at Heritage Tavern. It's a classic and one of the best cheese dishes in the entire city. The bacon comes from Fox Heritage Farms and the cheese curds are made by Farmer John. They are dipped in buttermilk, carrot-cochujan and truffled fish sauce.


Another great spot for a cheese dish, Stella's in Madison offers a hot & spicy cheese bread you must try. Get a loaf for yourself or share it as an appetizer. You can even find them at the Dane County Farmers' Market during the season and get the bread while it's still warm.

Old Fashioned

You won't find anything but classics on the Old Fashioned menu. On the menu, you will find cheese curds, which are the perfect choice. The batter is made with beer, seasoning, and buttermilk to ensure the cheese curds are perfectly wrapped in goodness.


A Brunkow, you want to try the Brun-uusto Cheese. This is found at the Dane County Farmers' Market during the outdoor season and this baked cheese is incredible. It's a Finnish and Swedish specialty cheese and a great choice for grilling.


The cheeseburger at Forequarter is one of the best in the city. You can enjoy the delicious house-made American cheese made using the Emmi Roth raclette. The burger also has Hook's 2 Year Cheddar on it to make it every more cheesy.

La Taguara

The queso at La Taguara is one of the best in the city. You can get many of the dishes found on the menu topped with it or you can order it as an appetizer. It's known as the Tajadas con queso and it's a Venezuelan style option with sweet plantains.

Ian's Pizza

Want a dish filled with cheese? Ian's Pizza serves a mac n cheese pizza, which is one of the bestselling pizzas in the city. IT's filled with mozzarella, crème Fraiche and Wisconsin cheddar. This may become your new favorite pizza dish in the city.

Short Stack Eatery

You probably don't think of cheese with pancakes, but Short Stack Eatery does. The sweet potato oatmeal pancakes feature mascarpone cheese and it goes perfectly with the strawberries, bourbon maple syrup, and pancakes.


If you are really craving cheese, the Three-Cheese Panini at Toast is a great go-to choice. It's filled with three delicious cheese; Swiss, cheddar, and mozzarella. The sandwich also includes tomatoes, olives, brown mustard, and sriracha.

It's certainly not difficult to find great cheese dishes throughout Madison. All of the restaurants on this list serve up some of the finest cheese, whether from Wisconsin or another part of the world. Try them all and find your new favorite cheese dish in Madison, WI.

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