Top Productivity Tips for Working From Home

COVID-19 has caused many to stay inside and some are lucky enough to still be working. If you get to work from home, it can be a huge adjustment and you might be itching for some good productivity tips.

When you need to get work done and you have children at home, along with a spouse, it can be difficult. There are ways to become more productive, but you need the right tips, especially if this is all new to you.

Designate Your Work Area

It's always best to have a work area with a door that shuts and even locks. If this isn't possible designate an area you feel you can get work done with the least distraction.

Once you have an area designated, you want to make sure it's set up for you to do your work. Whether you create a temporary desk from a table and chair or you order a brand new desk, making it as comfortable as possible will help you become more productive.

Create Boundaries and Inform Your Family

The hardest part about working from home is the other people you live with. Whether it's children, your spouse, a roommate, or other family members, you have to set strict boundaries.

Make sure everybody knows when you will be working. It can be as simple as putting a sign up on your door and shutting it. Everybody you live with has to be aware, if the door is closed, you're at work and not really at home anymore.

Make it clear you are only to be interrupted if it's truly an emergency. It may be necessary to define what an emergency is for children, as they often think something is very important when it really isn't.

Set a Routine

Getting into a routine isn't always easy when transitioning to working from home, but it's vital to your success. It's most important in the morning as you will get the best work done in the first half of your day.

Set a routine you can stick to, whether it includes exercise, scripture reading, breakfast, or anything else you prefer. Make sure you repeat your routine every single day, even if you wake up late or you don't feel like it. Your routine will set you up for a productive day.

Use Headphones

This tip is especially important for those without a door hide behind when working. Headphones become one of the best tools for those working from home and noise-canceling headphones are the best.

Play classical music or instrumental Tracks while you're working and you might just find your productivity soaring. Without lyrics, you'll have one less distraction, but you'll still have music to drown out the rest of the noise in your home.

Take Breaks

Even though you're working from home, you still need to take regular breaks. About 5 minutes per hour is recommended if you're sitting in front of a computer all day long.

You can even make your breaks productive by doing simple exercises like squats, push-ups, and sit-ups.

There are many ways to ensure you become productive when working at home. The key is setting good boundaries and keeping the distractions to a minimum.

When you have the right environment and you get into a routine, you might find you're even more productive from home than in the office.

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