Top Paint Colors to Consider for Your Living Room

Are you considering painting your living room this year? Do you want to choose one of the best paint colors, but you're struggling? Choosing the right color to paint your living room isn't always easy.

If you're planning to do some painting this year, you will want to choose the right colors. Maybe a closer look at the top paint colors for the living room will help.

7 Most Popular Paint Colors for Your Living Room

1. Sage Green

The most popular color for the living room, this is a lighter green color offering a great option for your living room. It will brighten up the space and works well with a lighter-colored sofa. If you want a bit of a natural feel to your living room, sage green might be right for you.

2. Cool Off-White

The second-most popular color for your living room is Cool Off-White. This color offers a clean look and works with a variety of colors for your throw pillows and furniture. It will help to brighten up your room, especially if you have natural light coming in.

3. Taupe

Another very popular color with a bit of a warming feel is Taupe. This color won't work for everybody, but it's a great choice if you don't need to brighten up the living room.

4. Cream

Another shade of white that made the list as a very popular color for the living room is cream. This color will help brighten up the space and works well if you want a modern look or a clean look in your living room.

5. Khaki Green

A less popular color for the living room, but popular enough to make the list is khaki green. Many decor styles will fit well with this color, but it is rather unique and not as popular as other options on the list.

6. Navy

Navy is another popular choice for your living room, but it is darker. This color won't help bring in the natural light, but it will help give you the look you desire. If you have light-colored flooring, this color might work well in your living room.

7. Terracotta

The final color making the list is terracotta. This color gives you a great choice if you have natural-looking furniture and you want a clean look. It's darker than other colors on the list but gives you something unique for your home.

These are considered to be the top choices based on a survey from Fixr. If you plan to paint your living room this year, whether you plan to sell your home in Madison or not, these are all great paint color choices.

While these are the most popular options, you can choose the color that fits best for you. If you don't have any plans to sell your home anytime soon, the paint color you choose will be up to you, not based on what the market considers to be popular right now.

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