Top 3 Signs That NOW is the Time for a Bigger Home - Movin' on up!

Are you tired of your current small home and considering a move into something larger?

Here's the top three signs that might indicate, that NOW is the time to move up into a larger home.

The number one sign that you need a larger home is that you're fighting with too many family members for use of the bathroom. This might mean you only have one bathroom at the present time. In which case, it's time for a second or possibly a third. Or you might have more than one bathroom but you're really tired of cleaning up after your spouse's/kid's toothpaste in the shared sink. Two sinks and at least two full bathrooms might be a MUST HAVE in your next home.

The second indicator that you're ready to move into a larger home is that you find yourself wishing, hoping, and praying for some extra space away from some of your other family members. I know you love your family, but sometimes it's healthy to retreat into another part of the home. This could be the man cave, sewing room, reading room, or movie room. In any event, you probably really love your family but just need a space to retreat once in a while. This extra space can be just what you need to bring more peace into your home.

And the third sign that you need a larger home is, that you honestly cannot remember the last time you invited over friends and family for a gathering. If your current house is too small, then you will probably feel very reluctant to bring over more people into your tiny space. If you're craving more family gatherings and potluck events, then maybe it's finally time to move into a larger home.

Want to talk more about moving into a larger home in the Madison area? Then let us know. We can make it happen for you.

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