Sales Decline, Prices Stable, Keller Williams Grows

Home Sales Decline in 2010, but Prices Remain Stable

Home sales were down, but prices were stable in 2010, according to a new year-end report by the Wisconsin REALTORS Association (WRA). Sales of existing homes for 2010 were 7.5 percent below 2009, but the median home price of $141,000 for 2010 was just 1.1 percent below the previous year, according to the report. Visit the WRA website to read the full report and find monthly and quarterly housing data for your county.

In the shifting real estate market, there have also been changes in the agents at brokerage firms as well. Every month the the WRA publishes a "Realtor Review" that shows which real estate agents changed firms. Keller Williams had 10 agents move from another company in the past 3 weeks. That's 32% of all the agent moves in the market!

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