Saint Joseph Home Seller

Want to Make Your Home Sell Faster?

The history of the Saint Joseph Home Seller is quite interesting, and may be just the thing you need for a quick home sale. Saint Joseph is the patron saint of home and family, being Jesus' adopted father and always providing a stable happy home. People believe this tradition started all the way back in the 1500s when St. Teresa of Avila, needed to find land to build a new convent. When she was having no luck finding the land she needed, Teresa told the nuns to burry consecrated medals of St. Joseph in the grounds of their convent and pray to him to help her find land that was big enough and cheap enough for her project. The prayers and burying the blessed medals worked as Teresa quickly found the perfect piece of land. Over centuries this custom has changed and instead of burying medals of St. Joseph people began to bury small statues of St. Joseph when they wanted to sell their home.

Even if you're not Catholic, if you want your home to sell quickly burying a statue of Saint Joseph might do the trick. After purchasing a small statue of Saint Joseph, you must bury it upside down in your yard. Legend says that the statute should be buried upside down so the statue will need to work harder to get out of the ground and into the home. The best place to bury the statue is by the For Sale sign, although people have had success burying it elsewhere in the yard. Once the house is sold the homeowner should dig up the statue and put it in a place of honor in your new home. You could also leave the statue buried in the ground to protect the new homeowners and help them find safety and comfort in the home. Some warn however, that leaving the statue behind will only make the property change hands again and again.

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