Names Madison as Most Neighborly City in America

If you live in Madison, you already know how friendly the city is and how great it is. However, if you're considering relocating, maybe Madison, Wisconsin should be high on your list. Those seeking a friendly place to live will love it here.

Recently, mentioned Madison, WI as the most neighborly city. The original report came from and was put together to celebrate National Neighbor Day.

The Survey

The survey done asked 1,000 Americans about their city. It focused on the favors people have done for neighbors, whether they hang out with neighbors or now, how dependable their neighbors are, and how likely they are to start relationships with neighbors.

The questions specifically asked helped to gather the necessary data about 25 different cities. It was used to figure out which city is the most neighborly and Madison, Wisconsin was named to the top of the list.

About Madison

The population of Madison is nearly 270,000. It's known for the four lakes surrounding the city, which include:

  • Lake Waubesa
  • Lake Mendota
  • Lake Monona
  • Lake Kegonsa

Of course, Madison is also known as the home of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Many beautiful natural areas are also found throughout the city including parks and biking trails.

The respondents to the survey from Madison reported that they spend a good amount of time performing acts of kindness for neighbors and volunteering. This, along with the many great neighborhoods throughout the area make Madison the most neighborly city in the country.

Madison was at the top of the list and also led when it came to nonprofits per 100,000 residents.

The Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities Named in 2021

  1. Madison, WI - The average home price is about $382K
  2. Rochester, NY - The average home price is about $227K
  3. Portland, OR - The average home price is about $558K
  4. Minneapolis, MN - The average home price is about $355K
  5. Des Moines, IA - The average home price is about $305K
  6. Washington, DC - The average home price is about $503K
  7. Boston, MA - The average home price is about $659K
  8. Seattle, WA - The average home price is about $675K
  9. Pittsburgh, PA - The average home price is about $232K
  10. Milwaukee, WI - The average home price is about $290K

When you're looking for a new place to live and you want a friendly city, this is the list of the top 10, according to

Why Relocate to Madison, WI?

As the most neighborly city in the country, it's pretty easy to see why you should relocate to Madison. Of course, you probably need more than some friendly neighbors. Madison also offers many top employers, plenty of great things to do, and an excellent location in Wisconsin.

It's close enough to enjoy weekend trips to Chicago and even close enough for Packers fans to travel up to Green Bay often. Madison also offers plenty of events throughout the year and some of the top neighborhoods throughout the state of Wisconsin.

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