Premier Event: Great Taste of the Midwest

Held at Olin-Turville Park in Madison, the Great Taste of the Midwest is one of the premier events. This is one of the largest beer festivals in the entire country with more than 190 brewers in one spot.

This incredible event will be held on August 13th from 1pm to 6pm.

What is the Great Taste of the Midwest?

The Great Taste of the Midwest is the second longest-running craft beer festival in the country. Around 200 brewpubs and breweries will be on hand with around 1,400 different beers to enjoy. While this one-day event won't give you a chance to try all the beers, you can certainly try quite a few of them.

The event will be held at Olin-Turville Park, which has a beautiful lake view and view of the state capitol. Many food vendors will be on hand, along with a variety of live music throughout the event.

The Great Taste of the Midwest limits the ticket sales, so you don't have to spend forever in line for a beer.

Tickets for the Event

Tickets for the event went on sale on May 1st. The price is $70 for general admission and $20 for designated driver tickets. While the event website says they are sold out of tickets, there may be some cash-only on-site sales available the day of the event starting at noon.


Olin Park doesn't offer any patron parking for this event. All of the park roads are reserved for the festival workers and the brewers. There are other ways to get to the event that will allow you to avoid parking.

You can take a cab or the bus to the event. It's also possible to have your designated driver drop you off at the event. It's also possible to catch a shuttle from a local brewery, restaurant, or brewpub.

If you need to park, you can park downtown on a city parking ramp.

Food at Great Taste of the Midwest

There will be lots of food available with many different food vendor tents at the event including:

  • Banzo (falafel)
  • Curd Girl
  • Kingluv Tacos
  • Lao Laan-Xang (Laotian)
  • Toast (paninis)
  • Guilty Pleasure Desserts
  • Milio’s (sub sandwiches)
  • Glass Nickel Pizza
  • NessAlla Kombucha

You will have plenty of food options when you attend this event.

A Few Other Things to Note

  • Dogs are not allowed at the event
  • Children are permitted with children under 16 allowed in for free and those 16 and up will need a designated driver's pass
  • Some exhibits having to do with brewing will be available
  • You can purchase souvenirs including t-shirts, beer classes, and more.
  • All sales at the event will be cash only

Great Taste Eve

There's another very cool event that happens the night before the big Great Taste of the Midwest event. It's called Great Taste Eve and you can attend this event if you weren't able to get tickets to the big event.

This event is actually a collection of events held at different locations throughout Madison. Hop & Brew School, Funk Factory GTMW Pre-Party, and Garth's Brew Bar will all host fun events the night before. Check out the full information here

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