Playing in the Snow in Wisconsin

I love winter. I mean, I love winter. Many people think I'm crazy. "It's so cold outside," most of them say. But I absolutely love it when we have days in Wisconsin like the last week when it snowed more than 6 inches. The crisp cool refreshing air. The calm quiet sounds of a heavy snowfall. The physical reminder that winter has officially arrived.

What's so great about snow is that you can actually go outside and enjoy it. For example, last night I went to Elver Park for an evening of sledding. And the other day I went snowmobiling with another agent in my office. Sometime soon, I hope to go snowboarding at Tyrol Basin or Cascade Mountain. Actually I'd really like to take a trip out West to the snowy peaks of Colorado for some snowboarding.

What is it about winter that some people love and others hate? I suppose the obvious negative is that people don't like to be cold. They would like to escape to Florida or Arizona when the snow flies. I guess that says something about me. I like winter and the changing of seasons. I like finding different ways to get out and enjoy life, regardless of the temperature.

In Madison, there's all kinds of fun things to do in the snow. I already mentioned sledding at Elver, one of my favorites. On the east side of Madison I have heard that Olbrich Park is also great for sledding.

Another thing that looks really fun is kiteboarding or ice sailing on the lakes. It's probably not safe right now because the lakes aren't completely frozen, but soon these activities will be an option to further enjoy winter in Wisconsin.

That makes me think more of ice and it's role in Wisconsin culture. Ice skating, ice fishing, ice hockey, broom ball, and cross country skiing are a handful of time honored traditions that many people enjoy this time of year. I encourage you to get out there and try enjoy this weather. Or go South and avoid the cold. As for me, I'll be in the snow or on the ice for the next few months.

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