Moving Day for UW Students

For those not familiar with Madison, you may or may not know about "moving day". This famous day falls on August 14th and 15 of every year. And if you can imagine, most of the downtown and campus area is a complete mess for a few days. For anyone who lives in downtown Madison or close to downtown, you'll easily recognize the madness with moving trucks everywhere, junk on the curbs, and lot's of busy people hauling boxes. For whatever reason, the rental community has chosen for most of the leases around campus to end on August 14th and the new ones to begin on August 15th. If any improvements or cleaning needs to be done by the landlords, there is often little time to do so during this transition. A few years ago, I even helped a friend do some work at his income property on Johnson Street.

Have you ever lived in a large apartment building? Can you imagine what would happen if everyone in the building moved in and out on the same day of the year? Yep, probably a lot of stuff on the curb, like the one in this photo. I know change is hard, but maybe the landlords would benefit by spreading this mess out a little more. Besides, school doesn't start until August 23rd.

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