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Latest Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

I'm in the marketing business. I sell houses. My job is to market and sell houses in the Madison area. Last week I attended a convention in Wisconsin Dells sponsored by the Wisconsin Realtors Association. This is an annual convention for the local realtors in the entire state of Wisconsin. If you have been to conventions or trade shows in the past, you might recognize this type of convention. There were a variety of sales agents and brokers that attended numerous workshops. There was a huge room filled with vendors ready to sell agents on the latest marketing technology, newest sign rider, magnetic calendars, title company, real estate related books, mortgage company, website vendor, home inspector, and other "magic" pills to help your real estate business.

Like many businesses these days, the internet and social media is making a big impact. Nearly every speaker at every workshop that I attended mentioned something about twitter, facebook, linkedin, ning, or some other kind of internet social media. Clearly, this is where things are happening in the marketing world. The featured speaker was from Next Generation Consulting, discussing the various demographic differences among various age groups. Dustin Luther discussed his success in real estate with his Seattle blog titled Rain City Guide. Another speaker Carol Jensen spoke about her success with an eNewsletter. One after another they spoke about everything that Realtors should do to market themselves and how to sell more homes.

I have a confession to make. I'm a skeptic. For whatever reason, I'm skeptical of some people. Salespeople especially. I recall a time when I went into a retail store at West Towne Mall. I was looking for a new shirt. "Can I help you?" the salesperson asked as I was perusing the rack. "No thanks, I'm just looking," I replied. I put up this shield because I didn't want to be sold something I didn't want. I wanted to buy a new shirt, yet I pushed this salesperson away. Why is...