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Big Changes Continue - Moving Companies

My last blog post discussed some big changes in my life. Well this month, I have another one. I have changed companies. I am no longer a Realtor with the Stark Company. On Monday, I have officially transferred over to Keller Williams Realty.

While Keller Williams may not have been around as long as Stark, it has grown significantly in recent years to over 76,000 associates. In fact, it's now the third largest real estate company in the United States!

I'm excited about my new change to Keller Williams Realty and the options that it brings. Some of the reasons I have switched are the following:

1. ENTREPRENEURIAL - One thing about being a Realtor is that it's a lot like starting your own business venture. Keller Williams embraces change and looks for growth opportunities. That's probably why Entrepreneur magazine recently ranked Keller Williams Realty as the No. 1 real estate franchise

2. #1 TRENDSETTER - Stefan Swanepoel writes about trends in the real estate business. Keller Williams was the #1 Trend setting company for 2009. In a down market, in a down economy, that caught my attention.

3. COMPANY CULTURE - They believe that real estate is a local business driven by individual associates and their presence within the communities.

4. NATIONWIDE CONNECTION - While I have developed relationships with other agents across the country, Keller Williams has a direct connection to people that may be relocating to and from the Madison area.

5. BEST SELLING AUTHOR - Gary Keller and his team continue to put out best selling real estate publications. I read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent back in 2005 when I started and thought it was full of many great ideas.

6. SUPPORT FOR THOSE IN NEED - KW Cares is a 501(c) (3) public charity created to support Keller Williams Realty associates and their immediate families with hardship...