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Could it be, the Green Revolution has Finally Arrived

Could it be that we've finally arrived? Environmental degradation has finally reached a point that warrants people to listen. In my undergraduate work I studied biology with an emphasis on ecology and the working ecosystems of the natural world. I recall one particular course titled, "Industrial Ecology" which focused on the ways that industry has impacted the environment. I will tell you that it's easy to be upset when focused on the vast ways that humans have desecrated the planet earth. However, lately I think that maybe we've arrived in this state of awareness that is actually making a difference.

I noticed on the cover on the Wall Street Journal that Intel is now promoting that "Every Day is Earth Day". A local bank in the Madison area has prided itself on offering "Green Options." Another area home builder prides itself on having all of its homes "Green Built Certified". Any builder can follow these standards but some have actually taken the next step to obtain an official certification. I've been considering going back to school for my MBA and noticed that some schools boast of their environmental and social responsibility in the business world. Could it be that the Inconvenient Truth, Exxon Valdez spill, and other scientist warnings were enough to make a difference in the way that humans operate as stewards of the earth?

In South Central Wisconsin one can now search for properties with "environmentally friendly" features such as: Green Built Certified, Energy Star Certified, Energy Star Appliances, and Energy Assessment Available. Some people looking to do some remodeling might consider looking at Focus on Energy. This program offers education, but also financial incentives for home-owners and businesses to improve their energy efficiency. I have always known that energy efficiency was a good thing, but it's even nicer when I know of a way to get $250 simply by converting an old electric water heater to gas. Or if you're looking to update some...