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Badger Football = Awesome Madison Experience

One of the best parts of living in Madison is the Wisconsin Badgers football team. This year Bret Bielema led the badgers to the top rankings in college football and qualified them for the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. One of my favorite things to do during the fall is attend a home badger football game in Camp Randall stadium.


If you've ever lived in a college town, you know what I'm talking about. It's awesome! On a Saturday morning you can literally feel the excitement. There's been many times where I have walked down Regent street and my vision is overwhelmed with a sea of red Bucky Badger fans. The smell the brats and burgers on the grill takes over the senses. And it all tastes great with a cold brew from Wisconsin.

Some like Miller Lite but I prefer more of the microbrews like Ale Asylem, Lake Louie, or Great Dane. This year I only attended the Wisconsin vs. Northwestern game and had tickets in the Student Section. That in itself is an experience. We stood the entire game, cheered loudly as Bucky did his push-ups for every point scored, and we even initiated the wave around the whole stadium. I've lived in Madison most of my life and would highly recommend attending a badger football game if you ever get the chance.


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Houselogic: Ideas to Help Around the House

I recently came across a new website dedicated to helping homeowners find smarter ways to improve and maintain their home. There is information about improving the indoors, the outdoors, structures and systems, and how to deal with potential problems. As a homeowner getting ready for winter in the Madison area, you might be interested in an article about chimney maintenance for warmth and safety. Or maybe you're considering changing the flooring in your bathroom and want a few ideas. Or maybe you want to install a new spa on your deck to relax after a tough day at work.

Another area that might be helpful for homeowners, is a section dedicated to helping further engage in the community. Maybe you're thinking of buying a new condo in Fitchburg and want to know a little more about homeowner associations. Or maybe you're wondering about how to reach out to local officials to help with a community issue. Or maybe you want to do like some people in the Atwood area did, and start a community garden.

One more aspect that you might find useful as a homeowner is the area for tax credits and deductions. There are currently tax credits for solar water heaters, replacing heating and cooling systems, and even adding insulation. Or maybe you're concerned about rising property taxes, information about assessments, and certain exemptions. You can find ideas like this and more at

Full Disclosure: I'm a Realtor in the Madison area and this website was produced by the National Association of Realtors. However, I believe there are a number of ideas and articles that could prove to be helpful for those currently living in a home, or considering buying a home in the near future.