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What about Fitchburg?

Neighborhoods in the Madison area are rather diverse. If you take a stroll on the south side of Madison you'll quickly run into Fitchburg. Here is a unique community with diverse cultures, a mix of schools, beautiful neighborhoods, and an abundance of wildlife.

Diversity in the area can be seen in a number of ways. One way to see this mixture is in diverse economic areas. On one end of the spectrum is the Allied Drive neighborhood, which Emily Mills describes as, "somewhat plagued by violent crime, drug offenses, gang activity and tends to be populated by mostly lower income and Section 8 renters". Yet travel just 2.5 miles away to Seminole Hills neighborhood and you'll notice beautiful homes selling for $460,000 to $805,000 (range based on sales from October 16th, 2007 to October 16th,2008 from scwmls*). Within this economic diversity, however, is the vibrant and growing community of Fitchburg.

Growth in the area has been strong over the past few years. In fact it's the second largest city in Dane county with 22,000 (Jan. 1, 2007) people and has average growth at 2.1% per year. But if you drive through Fitchburg you may notice something. It's sometimes hard to tell where it ends, where it begins, and where exactly is the downtown. On the map, Fitchburg is essentially a giant square on the South side of Madison. Unique to Fitchburg is that there is no central downtown like many other Wisconsin communities. However, it appears that Fitchburg is trying to strengthen it's core in the Technology Campus area.

Other oddities of Fitchburg are that it doesn't have a library (although there's a referendum on the ballot this November), and there is no school district specifically for Fitchburg. Instead there are 3 school districts that split up the students in this area between Madison, Verona, and ...

Great Pumpkin Give Away in Fitchburg

The other day I went over to the Fitchburg city building and noticed a flyer for the "Great Pumpkin Giveaway". This will take place Saturday, October 18th from 10:00 am to 1 pm at Oak Bank. All cash donations are to benefit Family Connections of Wisconsin, Inc., which is a non-profit agency providing opportunities to maintain and strengthen family relationships of those affected by incarceration.

When you make a donation to Family Connections of Wisconsin you will get a pumpkin just in time for Halloween! (suggested donation $5). Families are welcome to come to Oak Bank's green space at 5951 McKee Rd in Fitchburg to enjoy kids activities, refreshments, prizes, a Fun Play Inflatable bouncer, and special guest appearances from Bucky Badger, The Oscar Mayer Mini Wienermobile, Maynard the Mallard, and Crash Helmet.