Madison Museums Offering Virtual Tours

You're stuck at home and you want to see some of the best museums in Madison. Many of the top local museums offer virtual tours you can check out right from the comfort of your home.

If you're looking for something to do and you enjoy museums, here are some of the best Madison museums, and a few others in Wisconsin, with virtual tours.

Overture Center for the Arts

You can actually download the virtual tour of the Overture Center for the Arts. This very unique tour offers you the ability to see one of the best performing arts complexes with plenty of great sights to enjoy.

Check out the virtual tour here.

West Bend Art Museum

The permanent collection and many other pieces of art found throughout the West Bend Art Museum can be seen through the virtual tour. The tour was created by Jake Gundrum of Eagle Art Design and offers a look at many of the best artists from Wisconsin.

Check out the tour here.

Museum of Wisconsin Art

Enjoy the virtual tours offers by MOWA and check out things from the outside and inside of the museum right from the comfort of your home. The tours of MOWA will let you walk through the building and see plenty of beautiful works of art.

Check out the virtual tours of MOWA here.

The Wesley Jung Carriage Museum

A museum you may not be super familiar with, The Wesley Jung Carriage Museum offers tours of the Wade House historic site and many other unique exhibits. Enjoy checking out fire wagons, delivery wagons, sleighs, and more.

Check out the virtual tour here.

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

A fun and hands-on exhibit, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum offers a great choice for viewing from home. They offer a virtual tour of some of the Wisconsin Waterways Room and plenty of other areas, as well.

Check out the tour here.

Oneida Nation Museum

A museum found near Green Bay and offering one of the best exhibits for Oneida history, the Oneida Nation Museum offers a panoramic tour you can enjoy. It shows the Oneida preserve and plenty of culture.

Check out the virtual tour here.


You can take a virtual tour of the Wisconsin State Capital right from home. While it's not really a museum, it's still a tour with plenty of things to see. You can view many areas of the building and the facilities.

Check out the virtual tour here.

Madeline Island Museum

A unique museum showing a bit of what Madeline Island has to offer, this museum offers a very cool virtual tour. The island is known for the Ojibwa people and was known as a hotspot for French-Canadian fur traders. It's a very popular place for vacationers today.

Check out the virtual tour here.

These Madison Museums and other museums in Wisconsin offer virtual tours you can enjoy even if you cannot leave your home. It's a great time to check out a unique museum you may not even know about. You can find even more virtual tours at

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