Late Winter Farmer's Market Is Now Open in Madison!

With inflation causing grocery store prices to go up and the supply of some items becoming harder to get, it might be time to head to the Late Winter Farmer's Market in Madison. This market offers a great way to support local businesses and get the items you need. You will find plenty of high-quality items at the market and with some items, you might even get a better price than your local grocery store.

The Late Winter Farmer's Market in Madison will open on January 7th for the season. It will run through April 8th and will be held every Saturday from 8am to 12pm. You can enjoy the market at Garver Feed Mill, which is found in the Madison Eastside area.

What You Need to Know About the Late Winter Farmer's Market in Madison, WI

You will be able to buy all kinds of things at the Winter Farmer's Market in Madison from regular Dane County Farmer's Market vendors. There will be plenty of produce on hand and other goods, too. It's common to find cheeses, vegetables, local meats, bakery items, maple syrups, honey, and so much more at the market.

Parking is limited at Garver Feed Mill, but you can find plenty of parking only a short walk from the market. Some of the best parking options near the Winter Farmer's Market in Madison include:

  • Neighborhood Streets near Garver Green
  • St. Bernard Catholic Church
  • Neighborhood Streets near Sugar Avenue
  • Olbrich Park Lot #1
  • Olbrich Park Lot #2
  • Neighborhood Streets near Richard Street
  • Walter St. Lot

All of these areas offer plenty of parking and they are less than a 10-minute walk from the market. There are also many dedicated paths you can use with bike-friendly routes to get to the farmer’s market including the Capital City Trail, which passes directly by Garver Feed Mill. If you bike to the market, there is plenty of bike parking found nearby.

It's also possible to take the bus to the market. Madison Metro Transportation offers service near Garver Feed Mill with the route 7 bus stop being the closest option you will find. Get more information about taking the bus to the market by visiting the city website here.

The Late Winter Market in Madison offers handicap accessibility through the main entrance on the north side of the building. There are six handicapped parking spots on this side of the building, as well. It's also important to note that pets are not permitted at this market, which includes dogs you are carrying. Leave your pets at home when you attend the Late Winter Farmer's Market in Madison.

Head Out to the Farmer's Market Today!

If you're looking for a great place to get specialty items and local produce, the Later Winter Farmer's Market in Madison is the right choice for you. While it might not be as large as the regular market during the summer, there are still many vendors ready to help you get the items you need!

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