July Home Care Tips

Summer is in full swing and July is a great time to get all of those outdoor projects taken care of. It's a great excuse to step outside and enjoy some summer sun because we know too soon it will be gone. Now that the excitement of the 4th is over it's time to dive back into your monthly home care. So what's on the agenda for this month?

  • Extend the life of your driveway and paths.
  • Attend to small cracks and chips before they grow.
  • Increase shade in the backyard.
  • July can get pretty hot and you want to be prepared to comfortably spend time outside. Put up a canopy or an umbrella to cool off.
  • Cut energy costs.
  • During the day keep your windows and shades drawn to maintain cooler indoor temperatures because exposed windows will heat up your home. 
  • Trim back shrubbery around walls and remove tree limbs from the roof.
  • Remove any yard debris as needed, keeping branches or other clippings around can attract insects. 
  • Test all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Replace batteries as needed to make sure all of your safety devices are in working order.

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