Is it Harder to Sell a House on a Busier Road?

Some buyers prefer to live on a very busy road, while others prefer the quiet of a cul-de-sac or the country.  Both have legitimate pros and cons. It is still very feasible to sell a house on a busy street, easily, if you are attracting the right buyer.

As a buyer, check out for yourself just how busy the road is and the level of noise. Living near a railroad or an airport is a much different noise and traffic level than living on a corner of a busy road of a neighborhood. Look to see what amenities are nearby and their walking distance from the home.

Lots to Do Nearby

Some buyers really appreciate being in the thick of a busy environment. This will allow them to experience the local culture and to frequent area parks, recreation, festivals, and parades in the vicinity.

These are typically well-lit-lined streets to ensure safety. This is a plus, as it is a deterrent to theft and means safety for your children. Busy roads tend to be well-maintained and have well-maintained sidewalks for leisurely walks, runs, and bicycling.

Potential Foot Traffic

Buyers that have, or plan to have, a small home business would find a property on a busy street a gold mine. The draw of free advertising would be hard to turn down regardless of some of the negatives such as noise or privacy. Buyers can usually purchase the house on a busy road for 1-10% less than a house on a secluded road.

Tips for Selling a Home on a Busier Street

If you are planning to sell your home that is located on a busy street or road, there are some things that you can do to attract the buyer. Planting thick, tall trees and shrubs to be a noise and privacy barrier is very beneficial.

Tall, solid fencing around the property will deter sound from the roadway.  Soundproof doors and windows will drown out any heavy traffic or railroad noise. These upgrades are also a bonus because they are energy efficient and help protect the home from pests and harsh weather.

Creating a private backyard oasis will give solace from the noisy road at the front of the house. Water features or a small koi pond will give the feeling of tranquility and peace all while the buyer will have all of the amenities of the city or town at their fingertips at the front of the home.

There can be some challenges of selling on a busy road. Parking at your home can be minimal and safety from roadway vehicles can endanger children and pets if not properly planned for. This is where solid, privacy fencing also comes into play.

While creating a backyard oasis you can ensure that your pets and children have a safe environment to frolic in. If you are able, creating a driveway or expanding the driveway will alleviate some parking issues.

Turn the negatives of a busy road into positives of experiencing what the area has to offer and you will sell your home with ease. 

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