I'm just looking...not really ready to buy...

Last week I got a call from my friend named Jenna. She has a good solid job at an educational facility. She had been renting for a number of years with a few roommates. She started to get a little curious about buying a home only recently with the $8,000 first time homebuyer tax credit and extremely low interest rates. However, she thought originally of waiting for another year so that she could save up a little more money. Then all of a sudden her curiosity got the best of her because a nice condo came up for sale in her neighborhood.

As of the 4th quarter in 2008 there were 1902 condos for sale in Dane county and based on the rate of sale there are 26.8 months of inventory. Clearly a number of options are available for the discriminating condo buyer. But this particular condo that piqued her interest was in a neighborhood that she really likes. And the price was listed below the recent tax assessment. And she really liked the layout. And she really liked the neutral color scheme. And there are 3 bedrooms so she could have at least one roommate to assist with the monthly payments.

Here's a person who is "not really looking" but just happened to become interested with a combination of factors: tax credit, low interest rates, nice neighborhood, good layout, and plenty of space. In fact, when she first called me she said that she's not really interested and, "doesn't want to waste my time." I have to chuckle a little bit because this is basically my job. I help people buy and sell real estate. The step before buying and selling is to start looking. In fact, last fall I helped a couple to purchase a home on Lake Kegonsa. They were, "just looking" for nearly two years. Then all of a sudden this house came along with a number of factors that they couldn't walk away from and they decided to buy.

My goal as a Realtor is to become your source of real estate information. I'm not here to sell people a home that's not a good fit. Rather, I'm here to help people work through the process. The time will come, this year or next year, that Jenna and others like her will need to find a new home or sell their current one. If I could say one thing to all my friends, family members, and customers it would be that I'm here to be your trusted source for real estate information. If you have a question about a particular home, thinking of building, just wondering when is a good time to sell, or curious about this new home in some neighborhood you like I want you to feel comfortable contacting me without feeling pressured. Similarly, you probably should not go see a lawyer only when you have a huge problem. In fact, many attorneys that I know can do a much better job, the sooner you go see them. As a Realtor, I can help give suggestions and guidance early on that will help make your life a little easier.

Just like you have a favorite doctor, accountant, or lawyer, I want you to feel free to consider me your Realtor. I'm happy to respond to a phone call at 608-620-4234, or visit my website when the time is right. You never know when that right home will come along. Jenna is moving this summer. How about you?

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