Huge potential - Capitol East District

I live in downtown Madison. Well, sort of. Actually, I'm just east of Blair street, which many consider to be outside of downtown. But it's a short walk to the capitol and maybe that's why I consider it to be downtown. I'm in the capitol east district. If you've ever looked at a map of Madison, it's that narrow strip of land right between Lake Mendota and Monona.

Okay, here's my plug --- there is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY on that narrow strip of land. For an area that is such an iconic location, there seems to be a disconnect with development in the area. Simply driving around you'll notice a number of car lots and numerous run down two to three story buildings. This is the urban core of Madison with numerous bike trails and walkable services. The lots are small and that's a good thing for this area because it creates a different type of experience than the typical suburban neighborhood. But for an area that was designed to have places to live, work, and play in close proximity, one would expect to see more development going on in this "urban" area.

On a regular basis I attend meetings with Downtown Madison Inc and many people there talk about the big potential of redevelopment on this plot of land. In fact, the city of Madison really wants this area to change.

When I talk to people that want to live in the downtown, near east, or near west sides of Madison, they often tell me that they like those areas because, "there's so much going on and we can walk or ride our bikes places around Madison." My wife and I love the area because of the huge variety of activities available so close. In one typical Saturday we could walk down to the farmer's market, go for a bike around around the lake, then grill out with friends at James Madison Park, and if we still have any energy, go grab a beer at the union while watching a band and lake mendota in the background. That's pretty cool. I wonder which big business or developer will come in and transform this awesome place to live in Madison into an even better place. Oh yeah, there's the recession going on. Aren't we done with that yet?

What do you think is the "spark" needed to re-ignite this vibrant part of Madison?

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