How to Make Your Madison Condo Seem Larger

Condos are certainly smaller spaces than homes in most cases. When you want to live in a Madison condo, it's likely due to the location, retirement, or you're simply not ready to buy a house.

There are many great reasons to buy a condo in Madison and you can make your condo seem larger with the right tips. Let's look at some ways to make your condo appear larger in Madison.

6 Tips to Make Your Madison Condo Appear Larger

1. Own Smaller Things

This one may seem obvious, but many condo owners don't think about this. A king-size bed will take up far more room than a full-size or even queen-size bed. If your bed is smaller, your bedroom will appear larger.

It's also smart to consider this when buying a kitchen table. If you plan to have larger groups over sometimes, get a table with a leaf in the middle you can remove when you don't need it. Putting a pair of chairs and a leaf away in the closet can help make this area of your home look larger.

2. Use Mirrors in your Decor

Mirrors help to provide an illusion of space. With the right placement, you can make just about any room feel larger with mirrors. The larger the mirror, the more of an effect it will have, but you want to keep it tasteful or it can become strange.

3. Use High Shelves

higher shelves will help to draw eyes upward, which will make your Madison condo feel larger. You can use high shelves for books and other items to help make a smaller space feel and seem larger.

4. Light Colors and Lots of Light

Lighter colors on the walls and throughout the condo will help to make it feel larger. You can also use lots of light throughout to make any small space seem larger.

If you have the option, install a skylight or anything else that will allow more light to come in. When shopping for a Madison condo for sale, consider those with larger windows as the natural light, along with lighter decor will help make the space feel larger.

5. Install Full-Length Curtains

Long curtains have the same type of effect as high shelves. They will provide a feeling of a larger home as the curtains tend to draw the eyes upward, which creates a feeling of height in a smaller space.

6. Get Furniture with Legs

A couch with exposed legs will help to show off the ground, which makes the room feel larger. The same goes for a bed with a simple frame instead of letting it sit on the ground or covering up the legs. Any furniture that shows the underneath can help to make the room feel larger.

You might choose to live in a Madison condo for the affordability, location, or maintenance-free lifestyle. Regardless of the reason, you can use these tips to help make your new Madison condo feel larger than it really is.

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