How to Make Your Bedroom Moody and Dark on a Budget

Reaching a moody bedroom look doesn't require painting all four walls at once; take this serene hotel-inspired room as an example: its earthy half-wall features an emerald green hue while the black velvet headboard adds some glamour.

Paint can be one of the cheapest ways to give your bedroom an update, particularly if you opt for DIY projects. Choose richly saturated mid-tone or bright colors, then balance their depth with bedding and furniture of lighter hues that won't overwhelm your space.


An upholstered headboard adds an elegant look above your bed that eliminates the need for traditional wall frames and unifies your room. Even without an extravagant budget for ornate tufted fabric headboards, this simple DIY version looks stunning too - simply staple an oversized feed sack onto plywood for this budget bedroom idea that spans from ceiling to floor!

Off-black painted walls

Black is an eye-catching hue, yet not always overbearing. Many shades can achieve this balance between boldness and comfort - such as Farrow & Ball Railings (shown here) or Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore (also shown here).

Dark paint can also work well in rooms without enough natural lighting, like rooms without windows that provide direct illumination. White walls, for instance, may take on a greyish tint when not properly illuminated - leaving your space feeling less spacious and airy than it otherwise might.

If you don't want to commit to painting your bedroom walls, try adding dark tones through textiles instead. A woven velvet headboard or jute rug that coordinates with your chosen paint shade could bring warmth and luxe style while brass, copper, or chrome fixtures can bring warmth and luxe style without making permanent commitments - also making these additions easy to switch out as your tastes shift over time!

Chunky handmade throw

If you're going for an atmospheric color scheme in your bedroom decor, don't be intimidated by dark fabrics. Curtains, furniture, and bedding can all help add moody tones without resorting to paint jobs. If renting accommodation, look for fabric with hues that play off of walls for a sultry atmosphere.

Botanical-inspired chandelier

Choose a botanical-inspired chandelier for an eye-catching and chic bedroom aesthetic, perfect for dark bedrooms. This decor style works especially well in refined vintage spaces featuring luxurious fabrics and brass accents, but can also pair nicely with rustic settings by including relaxed linen bedding and rough wood furniture.

Explore your options when looking for the ideal chandelier shape to match the dimensions of your room. Flea markets and resale shops can be great resources for stylish lighting pieces such as metal funnels, bohemian baskets, and rusted paint cans that you find at flea markets or resale shops. If it needs updating with modernized wiring standards such as UL certification, take it back to a local lighting store that provides this service and they will professionally refurbish it accordingly.

Medieval tapestry

Add a tapestry to your bedroom as an easy and quick way to inject some history and drama. Tapestries are often created using jacquard weaving, which produces intricate designs difficult to recreate with other methods.

Medieval tapestries make an eye-catching focal point in any room, offering intricate designs and vibrant hues. Perfect for anyone interested in medieval culture and artwork; also makes the ideal present on any special occasion!

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