How to Get Your Real Estate License in Wisconsin: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you interested in starting a career in real estate in Wisconsin? Then you'll need to obtain your Wisconsin real estate license. Becoming a licensed real estate agent in Wisconsin is a great opportunity to start a new career, be your own boss, and earn a good income. In this article, we'll show you the steps you need to take to get your Wisconsin real estate license and provide you with some tips to help you succeed in your new career.

First, you'll need to complete a Board-approved 72-hour pre-license education program for salespersons before sitting for an examination. Most people choose to take their pre-license education course online. Once you have completed your pre-license education, you'll need to pass the broker licensing exam, which consists of both national and state-specific sections. You can find more information about the exam, including how to register, on the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) website.

After passing the broker licensing exam, you'll need to submit your application to the DSPS. New applicants can apply online via the Online Licensure Application System (OLAS) or by mailing a printed copy of the application, including proof of completed education and fulfilling the salesperson experience requirements. Once your application has been approved, you'll be issued your Wisconsin real estate license, and you'll be ready to start your new career as a licensed real estate agent in Wisconsin.

Getting Started with Pre-License Education

If you want to become a real estate agent in Wisconsin, you must first complete the state's pre-license education requirements. This section will guide you through the process of understanding the education requirements, choosing the right pre-license course, and completing the course to receive your certificate.

Understanding Education Requirements

To become a licensed real estate agent in Wisconsin, you must complete 72 hours of pre-license education. This education must be completed through a board-approved 72-hour pre-license education program for salespersons. The program must be completed within a specific time frame, which is typically six months from the start of the program.

Choosing the Right Pre-License Course

There are many options available for completing your pre-license education in Wisconsin. You can choose to take courses in-person or online. The CE Shop and WRA CE Courses are two popular online options that offer pre-license and exam prep courses. When choosing a pre-license course, make sure it is board-approved and meets the educational requirements for Wisconsin.

Completing the Course and Receiving Your Certificate

Once you have completed your pre-license education, you will receive a completion certificate. This certificate is required to take the Wisconsin real estate salesperson exam. You will need to provide your completion certificate when you apply to take the exam. Keep your completion certificate in a safe place, as you may need to provide it again when renewing your license.

To keep track of your pre-license education, you can access your education history through the MyEducation History portal on the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services website. This portal allows you to view your education history, including any pre-license education you have completed.

Applying for the Wisconsin Real Estate License

If you want to become a real estate salesperson in Wisconsin, you will need to apply for a license from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Understanding the Application Process

Before you can apply for a Wisconsin real estate license, you must meet the state's requirements. These requirements include being at least 18 years old, having a high school diploma or equivalent, and completing a 72-hour pre-license education program for salespersons. Once you have met these requirements, you can apply for your initial license through the DSPS's online licensure application system.

Preparing for the State Exam

After submitting your application, you will need to pass the Wisconsin real estate exam. The exam covers topics such as real estate law, property ownership, contracts, and financing. You can find more information about the exam on the DSPS website. Before taking the exam, it is important to study and prepare to ensure that you pass on your first attempt.

Dealing with Criminal Convictions

If you have a criminal conviction or pending charges, you may need to complete a predetermination process before you can be licensed. The DSPS will review your case and determine whether you meet the requirements for licensure. You can find more information about this process on the DSPS website, including the required form (Form 3166).

Understanding the Costs Involved

There are several costs associated with getting a Wisconsin real estate license. These include the credentialing fee for your initial license, which is $60.00 and can be paid online through the DSPS's licensure application system. You will also need to pay for continuing education courses to maintain your license, as well as renewal fees every two years.

Understanding the Licensing Period and Renewal Process

Wisconsin real estate licenses are valid for a two-year period, or biennium. To renew your license, you must complete the required continuing education courses and pay the renewal fee. The DSPS's online license application system allows you to check your license application status, renew your license, and find information about renewal dates and fees. If you do not renew your license on time, it will become inactive, and you will need to complete additional requirements to reactivate it.

Overall, obtaining a Wisconsin real estate license requires meeting the state's requirements, passing the state exam, and paying the associated fees. By understanding the application process, preparing for the exam, dealing with criminal convictions, understanding the costs, and the renewal process, you can become a licensed real estate salesperson in Wisconsin.

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