How to Avoid the Top 3 Things That Go Wrong at a House Closing

Selling your house can be a really exciting time for you and your family, especially during the final stage of the process, the closing! However, despite the excitement and the anticipation of the sale going through, there are a few things that can occur that can cause anxiety, stress, and issues during the final steps of trying to sell a house. Below are the three most common things that can go wrong and how to avoid them.

Lender Issues

In almost all cases, buyers will be using a lender while buying a house. Most of the time, this is very helpful and everything goes smoothly. However, it is important and crucial to making sure that all of the paperwork and information that the lender has lines up correctly. This can help prevent a delay in funding and missing documents. Lending issues are hard to avoid sometimes, but it is all about communication and making sure all of the information is correct.


One of the worst decisions a seller could make is scheduling a walkthrough the day of the closing. It would be a nightmare if the buyers suddenly had a bunch of issues with the house and things they wanted to be changed before closing. Because of this, it is crucial to schedule a walkthrough weeks in advance before the closing.

This is a benefit to both the buyer and the seller so they can both understand the wants and needs of the other before closing. It is important that the buyers don’t have any surprises moving into the house that they were unaware of before, and it is important that the seller is aware of any potential changes or renovations they need to make before the closing.

Big Purchases or Change in Life Circumstances

Although closing is the final stage of buying a house, it is important to not make any huge purchases before closing on a house. This can help prevent issues with payments and payment types. Also, sometimes unavoidable issues such as life circumstances like death or a new pregnancy can occur.

These kinds of things are obviously not planned or easily avoided, but communication between the buyer and seller can help the closing process keep going smoothly amidst potential changes in life circumstances.


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