Home Buyer Love Letter Example

Buyer Love Letter Example

Writing a “love letter” for the seller is a good way to make your offer stand out from other potential buyers.  It helps create an emotional connection and personalize your offer.  A good love letter should share a little bit about you, about your financial strengths, and a number of reasons why this house is the right one for you.  One note of caution is that you should be careful about fair housing laws and avoid any language around protected classes.  For that reason, some home seller’s will not even look at any “love letter” that you submit.  However, in a competitive bidding situation, we have found that a nicely written letter can help increase your odds of getting your offer accepted.

Below is an example that you can use to draft your own letter.


Dear Mr and Mrs. Seller,


Thank you so much for allowing us to view your beautiful home at 123 Main street.  We really loved what you have done in the kitchen (including any specifics) and backyard (or other area that really appeals to you).  Our family has been growing and looking for a new home over the last few months.  We knew that as we walked through this home we could really see ourselves living there.

The location is great because it’s close to my work (at wherever you work) and we loved the (be specific about naming) park right down the street.

One great reason to choose our offer is that we have all our ducks in a row financially and we are fully prepared to close.  We have included our pre-approval letter (or proof of funds if cash) and been working with Josh Lavik & Associates to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Thanks again for considering our offer!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Josh Lavik and Family


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