Holidays, the Market, and Relocating

I love this time of year. For one thing, I love winter. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... I also love this time of year because I have an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends that I don't often see the rest of the year. This year was a bit different because I was recently married, which means that there are a few more options for Christmas dinner.

At most family gatherings, I end up in a discussion about life and how everything is going. Being in the real estate business, lately I get the, "how's business? It must be tough right now, eh?" And the truth is, yes, it's tough. But it's always been tough. Actually I think my first year as a Realtor was probably the toughest. There was a lot to learn and I had relatively few connections for potential clients. But 2009 shaped up to be very similar to my year in 2008. So, I guess that's pretty good, right?!?

The longer I'm in the real estate business, the more I start to think about the reasons that people move. Probably the main driver is change. People's lives change for one reason or another and typically need or want to move. For example, last week, I met with two different couples thinking of moving to Madison. One couple from Florida and another from Michigan. One of the reasons that they are moving here is that they have family and/or friends in the area.

The couple from Florida has family in the Chicago area, but they would prefer to live in a somewhat smaller community. Madison seemed like a good fit. They are in the process of looking for jobs, but basically decided that Florida was no longer for them and wanted to move to Madison. The Michigan couple is moving for their jobs at the University Hospital and they have family in Madison as well.

I enjoy working with people that are moving to Madison from another state because everything is an exploratory mission. I have lived in Madison most of my life, also California and Colorado, and know most of the best areas to live. Although, "best areas" is an extremely subjective term. As I've written before, there is no perfect house.

Whether you're spending time with family for the holidays, or thinking of moving, I hope you enjoy this winter. By the way, for those in the South, it snows in Wisconsin and it's cold.

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