Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Programs for Madison

My office recently had Linette Rhodes come visit from the Department of Planning & Community & Economic Development. She works as the grants administrator for the city of Madison and was able to share some information about the funds available for down payment assistance and closing costs.

Dane County Housing Authority

Designed to assist first time homebuyers at or below 80% Dane County Median Income who wish to purchase a home in Dane County outside the City of Madison.

City of Madison- American Dream Downpayment Initiative

Down Payment program available in the City of Madison to households at or below 80% Dane County Median Income. Property to be purchased must be located within the City of Madison.

City of Madison- Home Buy and Homebuyer Rehabilitation Assistance

The Home Buy loan is available for downpayment and closing cost assistance to first time home buyers purchasing in Dane County. Households must be at or below 80% County Median Income. The Homebuyer Rehabilitation Assistance loan is for downpayment assistance and rehabilitation for a home purchase within the City of Madison.

Movin Out

A non-profit organization designed to help households at 80% County Median Income and with a family member with a permanent disability.

Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development

The Partnership is a private nonprofit corporation working to expand affordable housing opportunity through innovation in housing development, consulting, finance and advocacy.

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