A Closer Look at the Schenk-Atwood Neighborhood

Found on the Near East Side of Madison, the Schenk-Atwood neighborhood has certainly changed over the past few decades. This was once a blue-collar area with a few local businesses, such as A to Z Rental and Klinke Cleaners. However, the transformation has happened and this eclectic neighborhood is now known for as a vibrant place to call home.

Attracting a Younger Crowd

The Schenk-Atwood neighborhood has become very appealing for younger home buyers due to the many new businesses opening in the area. Local shops and plenty of unique restaurants have popped up making it a very cool place to call home.

The neighborhood does provide some diversity, however. It's still known for businesses, such as the Monona State Bank and others that may appeal to an older demographic. Many of the businesses throughout are locally owned, which is attractive for a wide range of home buyers.

Real Estate is Affordable

Along with the many things to do and places to go throughout Schenk-Atwood, the real estate prices are rather affordable. An average two to four bedroom home will sell for about $180K. Many of the homes are historic, as well.

The real estate makes this neighborhood a top choice for just about any type of buyer. Many of the business owners are in their 40s or younger, while plenty of families are moving in, as well. It's an appealing neighborhood for singles, professionals, families, couples and just about any other buyer on the market.

Plenty of Events

The ...

A Closer Look at the Midvale Heights Neighborhood

Found between Mineral Point Road and Beltline Highway, Midvale Heights is the largest neighborhood, by area, in Madison. It covers a total of 857 acres of land, which used to be prairie land filled with oak trees and tall grasses.

This well-established neighborhood has plenty to offer. It's a great location to enjoy some of the best attractions offered in Madison. Of course, Midvale Heights also has its own things to do, places to go and great restaurants to choose from.

Established Real Estate of Midvale Heights

Many people started to move into the Midvale Heights area in the 1940s, especially right after World War II. This was a time when many couples were looking for homes with a yard and several bedrooms. They wanted a place to raise a family and Midvale Heights was that place.

The neighborhood started to be developed around 1947 and development lasted until about 1870. Today, Midvale Heights is filled with both ranch and split-level homes. Many residents have been in the neighborhood for a long time, while new families have also moved in.

Shopping, Dining & More

Midvale Heights offers all the necessities with a HyVee Grocery Store found at Odana Road and Whitney Way. It's also a great place for eating out with several excellent restaurants, such as La Taqueria El Jalapeno, Luigi's Pizzeria and even the Market Grille inside the HyVee Grocery Store. In addition, residents enjoy coffee at EVP Coffee and ice cream at the Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. Plenty of shopping...

Neighborhood Spotlight: Mansion Hill

Younger home buyers have started to show interest in older homes, which has brought Mansion Hill into the spotlight in Madison. While this is known as a glamorous neighborhood, it's also one of the most historic areas in downtown Madison. The neighborhood is found between Capitol Square and Lake Mendota.

While Mansion Hill is the name of the neighborhood, this area of downtown has also gained nicknames, such as Big Bug Hill. This nickname came about back in the 1960s due to students flocking to the area when they didn't have to live on campus anymore.

A Prominent Neighborhood with a Touch of History

Mansion Hill is home to four Victorian Mansions found on the corner of Pinckney and Gilman Streets. This area of Madison is known as the place with the most intact Victorian homes in the city. While many were replaced with apartment buildings, some were saved due to the neighborhood becoming Madison's first historic district in 1976.

If you're just visiting the area, the Edgewater Hotel offers something special. It was built in 1948 and offers plenty of guest rooms, dining rooms and conference rooms for those visiting. Another option is the cozier Mansion Hill Inn, which is a very luxurious Victorian Bed & Breakfast found on North Pinckney Street.

While there are several great historic buildings and homes throughout the neighborhood, it's still known for students. Many UW students have left the older apartments for the luxury high-rises within the area. Langdon Street is still home to a number of fraternity and sorority houses, as well. Some students enjoy living in the older homes throughout the area, too.

Historic, Yet Appeals...

A Closer Look at Black Earth and Mazomanie Suburbs

Found about 20 miles to the west of Madison, WI, Black Earth and Mazomanie are two of the top suburbs. These suburbs share a school district, provide a close location to Madison, are rooted in unique history and offer a small-town feel just outside the bigger city.

Black Earth and Mazomanie were established as villages in the 1850s. The rolling hills, beautiful views and historic downtowns have made these communities very popular for those moving to the Madison area. Both are found near some of the best trout fishing in the area - in Lake Marion and the Wisconsin River. They also share the Wisconsin Heights School District with small class sizes for all grades.

Enjoying the Summer in the Suburbs

The summer is a fun time in Black Earth and Mazomanie. It's the time for enjoying the splash pad, the many local parks, incredible biking and hiking trails and so much more. Of course, with Madison just 20 minutes away, it's easy to enjoy summer in the city, too.

Summer in Black Earth also includes the Field Days event, which includes plenty of great entertainment, all kinds of fun for the entire family, a beer tent and so much more. Mazomanie is home to the Wild West Days, which is another popular event for everybody to enjoy. It has actually been running for 60 years with a Truck & Tractor Pull, fireworks, live music, food, a carnival, a beer tent and so much more.

Year-Round Attractions to Enjoy

While Black Earth and Mazomanie are fun in the summer, the excitement carries into every season of...

Fitchburg: A Very Bike-Friendly Place to Live

If you're looking to relocate to the Madison, WI area or you've been looking for a new community within the area, Fitchburg may be the right fit. It's a healthy, vibrant city to live in with plenty of biking options. This bike-friendly place to live provides a little bit of everything for those enjoying getting around on two wheels.

Fitchburg was actually designated by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bicycle Friendly Community. They only give this designation out to communities committed to improving the area conditions for biking, along with providing education in the area for those looking to enjoy cycling. The city was only one of eight in the state to get this designation.

Fitchburg is not only bike-friendly, but it's also very healthy, which is a huge part of the biking culture. If you love to ride your bike, Fitchburg may be the right place for you to live.

Biking in Fitchburg

Outside of the normal riding down the street in your new Fitchburg neighborhood, there are several ways to enjoy biking in Fitchburg. Some of the best bike trials in the entire state of Wisconsin run through Fitchburg. It's also home to three local bike paths and three state trails.

Trails and Paths to Enjoy in Fitchburg

With plenty of places to bike in Fitchburg, you can enjoy it as a hobby or a way to get around. Some of the most popular paths...

A Closer Look at Parkwood Hills

A great location in Madison, Parkwood Hills is a neighborhood offering a little bit of everything. It's close to parks, schools, shopping options, dining options and so much more. If you're looking for a good neighborhood to call home in Madison, WI, Parkwood Hills should be at the top of your list.

The Neighborhood Vibe

With parks, a community center, a pool and four schools nearby, it's a very active community. Many of the residents walk to the attractions and schools. It's not uncommon to find residents at the West Towne Mall, either. It's right around the corner and includes plenty of shopping and dining options.

Everglade Park is found near the community, which offers a great place for the entire family. Many residents enjoy going for bike rides, walking their dogs and the many nearby activities.

The Amenities

One of the biggest draws, at least in the summer is the Parkcrest Swim and Tennis Club. It's found nearby and features swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness classes, trivia nights and basketball courts.

Along with the club, there's a playground at the John Muir Elementary School and Everglades Park also offer a playground. Everglades Park has soccer fields and provides the home for a few great events throughout the year.

Another park found in Parkwood Hills is called Owen Conservation Park. It has more than 3 miles of trails and provides a great choice for hiking and skiing. The park covers more than 100 acres and offers a great place for many outdoor...

Madison’s North Side

Madison’s North Side

Josh Lavik & Associates is your local real estate connection at Keller Williams Realty in Madison, Wisconsin.


The southern border is the Yahara River at Tenney Park.  The north boundary is the Cherokee Marsh.  To the east is Packers Ave and the West border is along Lake Mendota and the Village of Maple Bluff.

North Side Neighborhoods


When many of the homes were built during the late 1940's into the 1960's folks were looking to realize the American Dream of homeownership. The north side of Madison became an appealing place for families looking for a great area to raise their children and also due to close proximity to some of the largest employers in the area. Of course, another reason that people live in this area is that they love being on or near the lakes of Madison.

North Lake Mendota


Many of the single family homes are more modest sized ranch, transitional, or bi-level style homes in addition to a few condominium associations.  While other areas along Woodward Drive include much larger and more expensive waterfront homes.  The median list...

Starliner Condos in Downtown Madison

Welcome to the Starliner Condos!

 starliner condominiums 1

This is the newest downtown Madison condo development since 2006.  While the landscape has certainly been changing in downtown Madison, nearly all the recent multi-family housing has been apartment rentals.  Now is your opportunity to OWN a brand new downtown condo at the Starliner condominiums.

starliner condominiums 2


The Starliner is set along E Mifflin street with direct views of Reynolds park. Breese Stevens field is across the street to the North East.  And the back side of the development is along the Galaxie apartments and Festival Foods.

Why Do People Live Here?

The prime location in the Tenney-Lapham neighborhood of Madison is extending the culture of the downtown.  The people who live here love an urban community close to a variety of restaurants, parks, and bike paths. Another unique feature of The Starliner is that many of the units are designed to be “work-live” units.  For example, you could have your business on the first floor and then living quarters above.  Available units are 1 or 2 bedrooms and designed with modern features and 1 or 2 bathrooms.  One unit even features a passive home design for exceptionally energy efficient living.  There are a total of 43 units planned between two buildings.  Another...

Featured Community Monona

Monona Wisconsin

Josh Lavik & Associates is your local real estate connection at Keller Williams Realty in Monona Wisconsin.  We live here, we work here, and we know more about the Monona real estate market than any other real estate company.

city of monona  


Monona is located on the East Side of Madison and is actually completely surrounded by Madison.  Monona's West border is along Lake Monona.  To the East much of Monona ends along Monona Drive.  To the South Monona includes areas along Broadway and the Beltline (Hwy 12 & 18).  The North boundary of Monona ends at Olbrich Park Beach.

sails in monona

Why Do People Live Here?

When many of the homes were built during the 1950's and 1960's.  At the time Monona was an attractive destination for some who wanted larger home lots than many other's in Madison.  However, one of the biggest reasons that people live in Monona is that they love being on or near the beautiful lakes in Madison.  The views from Tonyawatha Trail are some of the best views of the downtown Madison skyline and gorgeous sunsets.

sunset over lake monona of downtown madison

What Does the Neighborhood Look Like?

Monona is a unique mix of socioeconomics.  Many of the homes are more modest sized ranch, bungalow, or cape cod style homes.  While other areas along Tonyawatha Trail include much larger and more expensive waterfront homes.  What started as cabins along the...

Cherokee Gardens Condominiums

Why do people live here?

Living in Cherokee can be a great place for many people. Most notable, is that the Cherokee Golf Course is home to PGA winner Steve Stricker. This peaceful community is on the Northeast side of Madison and is popular among many retired people seeking quality affordable living. Others may enjoy the well maintained landscaping or relaxing next to the two outdoor pools, or golfing at the Cherokee Country Club. One interesting thing about Cherokee is that many of the condominiums were built in phases over the past 40 years, which makes it a unique mixture of homes.

What's the neighborhood like?

It tends to attract people closer to retirement age. Most of the units are 2 or 3 bedrooms that start in the $110,000 to $160,000 range. Bump the price over $160,000 and you will likely find more space (over 1500 square feet), a newer building (built within the last 10-20 years), an elevator, and maybe even find yourself right on the golf course.

What's going on nearby?

Definitely check out the Cherokee Country Club. As a member you get access to golf, tennis courts (both indoor and outdoor), a fitness center, and raquetball.


  • Madison Metropolitan School District
  • Gompers
  • Blackhawk
  • Madison East
  • Waunakee School District (some of the condos are listed in this district, but most are Madison)

Now you want to find a home here?
Search homes for sale in Cherokee Gardens Condomimiums

Huge potential - Capitol East District

I live in downtown Madison. Well, sort of. Actually, I'm just east of Blair street, which many consider to be outside of downtown. But it's a short walk to the capitol and maybe that's why I consider it to be downtown. I'm in the capitol east district. If you've ever looked at a map of Madison, it's that narrow strip of land right between Lake Mendota and Monona.

Okay, here's my plug --- there is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY on that narrow strip of land. For an area that is such an iconic location, there seems to be a disconnect with development in the area. Simply driving around you'll notice a number of car lots and numerous run down two to three story buildings. This is the urban core of Madison with numerous bike trails and walkable services. The lots are small and that's a good thing for this area because it creates a different type of experience than the typical suburban neighborhood. But for an area that was designed to have places to live, work, and play in close proximity, one would expect to see more development going on in this "urban" area.

On a regular basis I attend meetings with Downtown Madison Inc and many people there talk about the big potential of redevelopment on this plot of land. In fact, the city of Madison really wants this area to change.

When I talk to people that want to live in the downtown, near east, or near west sides of Madison, they often tell me that they like those areas because, "there's so much going on and we can walk or ride our bikes places around Madison." My wife and I love the area because of the huge variety of activities available so close. In one typical Saturday we could walk down to the farmer's market, go for a bike around around the lake, then grill out with friends at James Madison Park, and if we still have any energy, go grab a beer at the union while watching a band and lake mendota in the background. That's pretty cool. I wonder which big business or developer will come in and transform this awesome place to live in Madison...

What about Fitchburg?

Neighborhoods in the Madison area are rather diverse. If you take a stroll on the south side of Madison you'll quickly run into Fitchburg. Here is a unique community with diverse cultures, a mix of schools, beautiful neighborhoods, and an abundance of wildlife.

Diversity in the area can be seen in a number of ways. One way to see this mixture is in diverse economic areas. On one end of the spectrum is the Allied Drive neighborhood, which Emily Mills describes as, "somewhat plagued by violent crime, drug offenses, gang activity and tends to be populated by mostly lower income and Section 8 renters". Yet travel just 2.5 miles away to Seminole Hills neighborhood and you'll notice beautiful homes selling for $460,000 to $805,000 (range based on sales from October 16th, 2007 to October 16th,2008 from scwmls*). Within this economic diversity, however, is the vibrant and growing community of Fitchburg.

Growth in the area has been strong over the past few years. In fact it's the second largest city in Dane county with 22,000 (Jan. 1, 2007) people and has average growth at 2.1% per year. But if you drive through Fitchburg you may notice something. It's sometimes hard to tell where it ends, where it begins, and where exactly is the downtown. On the map, Fitchburg is essentially a giant square on the South side of Madison. Unique to Fitchburg is that there is no central downtown like many other Wisconsin communities. However, it appears that Fitchburg is trying to strengthen it's core in the Technology Campus area.

Other oddities of Fitchburg are that it doesn't have a library (although there's a referendum on the ballot this November), and there is no school district specifically for Fitchburg. Instead there are 3 school districts that split up the students in this area between Madison, Verona, and ...

Great Neighborhood in Oregon - The Legend at Bergamont

In the Dane County real estate market one can purchase a home for around $228,700, which is the median sales price in the second quarter of 2008. Of course, there are options below that price and even more above that price. In fact this past year a 35 acre farmette sold in Fitchburg for $1,250,000. Somewhere in the middle of these prices there are many other homes available. Some of the more well known high end neighborhoods include Hawks Landing, Blackhawk, Nakoma, or even Seminole Hills. Homes in these fine areas typically fetch prices in the $400,000 to $800,000 price range. But if you venture just a little further south outside of Madison you will likely stumble upon The Legend at Bergamont.

Mick Butterfield is the membership services director at "The Legend" and gave me a tour of the area noting some the outstanding features and benefits of living there. "At the Legend you're really buying a lifestyle" says Mick. "This place is great for the family that wants quality, privacy, and yet a great neighborhood with lot's of options for the kids as well as adults. Years ago, the country club model was for Dad only. This model is something that offers something to do for the entire family." In fact, part of the mission says, "Our belief is that the decision to join a private club is a family decision, and the facilities, operational policies and programming must appeal to the entire family." The Legend at Bergamont is co-owned by a group that also built The Legend at Brandybrook, a similar community with around 500 members in the Milwaukee area.

The Legend at Bergamont certainly does offer numerous options, including a lap pool, water slides, 5 tennis courts, a basketball court, and fitness center. Some would probably consider this mixture to be like a vacation. However, for the owners at "The Legend" it's just home. Pam Brien just moved into the neighborhood on Nicole Circle and said, "We absolutely love it here. We wanted a neighborhood in a little smaller town, but still relatively...

What do you know about Fitchburg???

Fitchburg is unique. It seems to be this abyss of land on the south side of Madison that includes 35 square miles. One interesting thing about Fitchburg is that there doesn't seem to be a central downtown. There is no school district specifically for Fitchburg, and yet there's an interesting mix of shopping, apartments, modest homes, and of course very large beautiful homes.

One thing that I like about Fitchburg is that it has nice neighborhoods. The Indians must have had some influence on naming, with names like Seminole Hills, Seminole Forest, Seminole Glen, and Seminole Ridge. Or maybe you would like to live in a place named Quarry Hill, Oak Meadow, Pine Ridge, Jamestown, Byrnewood, or Bellmar. Swan Creek is one of my favorites because it's located a little off the beaten path while still being close enough to everything. This is also an area where there was the Parade of Homes in 2003. In the summertime, Fitchburg can be a great place to hop on your bicycle and ride along the Capitol City Bike Trail. Last summer I had a nice long ride along the Capitol City Trail, through the Arboretum, and around Lake Monona. Aahh, what a great day. I think I'm ready for Spring and Summer.

I have recently been working with a client who looked to Fitchburg for a new condo to purchase. She said, "I really like that area. It seems like there are a lot of young professionals in the area." That makes sense with the mix of technology companies in Fitchburg such as Promega and Berbee. Also nearby are some other major employers include the University of Wisconsin Research Park with over 4000 employees and Epic Systems in Verona with over 2500 employees.

What's your favorite part about Fitchburg?