Avoid These Mistakes When Marketing Your Home: Part 4

In this final part of our blog series on mistakes made when marketing your home, we will cover even more mistakes you want to avoid. Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this blog series for the full list.

Avoiding excessive clutter

You'll want your home to look as open and inviting as possible. Not only will removing clutter make rooms appear more spacious and inviting, but an uncluttered home is more appealing to prospective buyers because it helps them visualize how their belongings will fit in.

Decluttering your home prior to listing it is a great way to prepare for your upcoming move. Getting rid of what you no longer need or want will help make your next move a lot easier.

Personal items should not be left out

It is said that when potential buyers come to view your home, it should look as much like a show home as possible - free from clutter and personal items. So they can imagine their own belongings in there.

This means removing any family photographs, wall calendars, kids' artwork, jewelry, prescription drugs, and other items of this nature during the marketing period. This will help make it easier for purchasers to visualize themselves living in your property.

Highlighting only the most important features

Realtors often employ accent pieces and vibrant colors to draw people's attention to the features they want potential purchasers touring a house to spot. Throw pillows, plant life, and orchids are all excellent choices for this purpose. To make certain that certain features such as the new kitchen backsplash and vintage bathroom tile are noticed, real estate agents may advise you to use particular items.

Home staging is another way of making sure that spots such as a small sunroom, screened-in porch, breakfast nook, or study area don't go unnoticed - it provides an inviting ambiance for those areas.

Mirrors are forgotten

Mirrors can help you make your house look more spacious, light-filled, and finished. For the most dramatic effect, position your mirrors opposite the windows.

Cabinets and closets are not cleaned out

Nowhere is this truer than in kitchens, bathrooms, or linen closets. Buyers are curious and will invariably open cabinets, especially if they are digging deep to see how well your house will work for them and their stuff. Make sure your drawers, closets, and cabinets are neat and organized—don't let your items get out of hand.

Odors are not eliminated

Cleaning thoroughly prior to showing your home for sale will remove any lingering odors, including pet odors, that you may have grown used to and no longer notice. Also, avoid cooking meals with heavy lasting smells before showings.

The Wrong Aromas

For an inviting aroma, quarter an orange and simmer it in a pot of water with a cinnamon stick. Or bake fresh cookies (and leave a plate out for visitors!).

Plug-in air fresheners or heavily perfumed room sprays should be avoided, even if you enjoy such things yourself and use them regularly. Be sure to choose the most natural products, as many people assume that the homeowner is covering up pet odors or cigarette smoke.

Last but not least, never ever smoke inside your home when marketing your home. Not only is this an instant turn-off for most buyers, but some buyers are allergic and will not be able to tolerate an atmosphere filled with smoke.

When you avoid the mistakes listed throughout this blog series, you will be in better shape when trying to market your home for sale.

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