Avoid These Mistakes When Marketing Your Home: Part 2

Let’s look at some more mistakes often made when marketing a home for sale in Madison. If you missed the first part of this blog series, it can be found here.

Showing feedback and ignoring it

If multiple buyers have the same objections, it's best to address them by making changes or offering a credit. If you ignore it, you'll just keep running into that objection, lose time on the market, and either don't get any offers or receive lowball offers as a result.

Curb appeal is lacking

It is the curb appeal that determines buyers’ first impressions. If you ignore it, you will find that some buyers refuse to enter the house. By replacing dead or dying plants on your front stoop, replacing faded decorations such as a door wreath that is no longer in season, and updating your online marketing to reflect the current season, you can create a positive first impression.

The first impression you make—both online and in person—will set the tone for the entire showing. Do you need to clean, paint, or replace your front door? Do you need to mow, rake, or weed your lawn? Get it done before showings begin so your curb appeal wowed and you made the best first impression.

The listing agreement needs to be renegotiated

In no case should you renegotiate the listing agreement after the fact, including reshaping, cutting, or otherwise compromising the compensation offered to the listing agent or cooperating broker. Besides alienating the very people working hardest to sell your home, you could be in violation of your listing agreement.

Terminating the listing prematurely

You don't want to create any kind of disincentive for the person who works the hardest to sell your home. You can harm your agent's ability to execute your marketing plan, waste your real estate agent's marketing dollars, and hurt your ability to sell your home if you threaten to terminate the listing ahead of schedule.

If you have reasons to believe you should stop marketing your home for sale, talk candidly with your real estate agent about your options before you pull your home off the market. It takes trust and candor to work with a real estate agent, otherwise, your real estate agent cannot represent your interests effectively.

Basic repairs are being postponed

Excessive delays in following through on basic repairs hurt buyers' first impressions and give the impression that the seller may drag his or her feet on other repairs as well.

Whether you receive an accepted offer or not, the broken front window still needs to be fixed if you advertise it will be repaired before closing. If you have a broken window or a leak under your sink, you can not only sway prospective buyers, but you can also show them you take impeccable care of your home by repairing it as soon as possible.

In addition, if your home is vacant, you'll have peace of mind knowing that a simple repair won't turn into a much bigger issue because something was neglected or delayed.

You want to make sure to avoid these mistakes when marketing your home for sale in Madison, along with the mistakes found in the third part of this blog series here.

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