August Home Care Tips

The return to school and work is looming over us now that August is here and we're getting in those last vacations before summer is over. Here are a few things you can do around the house with fall right around the corner.
Edit and organize clothes closets. Before you do any shopping for fall, sort through your closets and drawers. Donate any items you no longer want. Begin pulling out fall clothes from storage to asses what you still need.

Clean the bathroom fan. Through the summer months the bathroom fan has to work even harder to clean the air. Leave it on for a full 30 minutes after each shower to prevent bathroom mildew from forming. Use a vacuum attachment to clear out the dust and grime.

Prep for quick and easy weeknight dinners and school lunches. Get a jump start on kitchen tasks by cleaning out cupboards and prepping some big batch meals you can freeze. Wash and chop fruits and veggies to keep as healthy snacks.

Give the mudroom a makeover. Create a functional and attractive mudroom with a set of wall hooks and some organizational baskets. Maximize closet space with a shoe rack and a high shelf for less frequently used items.

Do some emergency prep. In case of an emergency you should always have some emergency kits up to date with food, water, clothes, flashlights and first aid supplies. Especially if you are living in an area where flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes occur.

Check and put away summer equipment. Clean summer gear and toss broken items before storing them for next year. Take advantage of end of season sales to find a new one at the best price.

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