Add Houseplants for a Happiness and Health Boost

After buying a new home in Madison, adding houseplants is a great next step. With the right plants in your home, you can gain a happiness and a health boost. There are many ways plants can make you feel better in your Madison home.

Many studies have shown that plants are not just decorative. They can help you live a healthier and happier life. Let's look at some of the ways houseplants can help you be a happier person in your home.

Improved Sleep

Plants can help create better sleep quality. They can help to purify the air in your home and give you a relaxing scent if you choose the right plants. Aloe vera plants and snake plants even give off oxygen to help with your breathing. You can even add lavender or jasmine plants for a relaxing scent.

Calm You and Boost Your Mood

Houseplants can also allow you to reduce your stress and boost your mood. A study showed that interacting with indoor plants can help to reduce stress by lowering your heart rate and even your blood pressure.

Help You Recover from Illness Faster

Did you know, a study from Chalmers University of Technology showed that having gardens in hospitals helps to speed up recovery?

When you have houseplants, you can gain the same type of benefits. Plants can help you recover from illness in your home faster.

Provides Better Productivity

Plants can help you to focus, which can increase your productivity. Adding a few plants to your office space can be a great way to calm the mind and allow you to focus.

Provide Better Air

Plants remove chemicals from the air, which was stated in a study from NASA in 1989 and has been confirmed by other studies. They can even help to reduce airborne mold by up to 78%.

Better Outlook

When you have potted plants, it helps to give you a better outlook on life. Many people are happier when they are around plants. Putting a few houseplants in your Madison home can be a big benefit to your outlook.

Help with Respiratory Issues

If you struggle with issues from dry air, plants can help. Watering them to thrive will give that water back to you. Plants release water vapor into your air, which can help to make your air not as dry. This can help to reduce headaches and allergies. It can even help with dry skin.


Taking care of plants is actually therapeutic, too. It can help you gain a better sense of well-being and is even used to help treat depression.

If you just moved into a home in Madison or you're looking for a Madison home for sale, having some houseplants is a great idea. You can even plant things indoors you can harvest, such as herbs and leafy greens. This could give you a source of fresh food, along with all of the benefits listed above and so much more.

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