5 Tips for Introducing Your Dog to Your New Home

When you move to a new home, your dog will also be moving to a new home. Some dogs do better with new space than others, but just like humans, it takes time to get used to a new home.

Along with the fact that everything will be new, your dog will also feed off your stress. If you've ever moved, you know how stressful it is and your dog will feel your pain.

As you prepare to buy a new home in Madison and move, make sure you think about your dog. Here are some tips to help you introduce your dog to your new home.

1. Pack Slowly

Packing up your old home will set off the signals and might send your dog into a panic. They may get excited thinking you're taking them on a trip in the car or they may start to worry.

Remain calm as you pack up and do it strategically as you work towards moving day. When you become stressed, your dog will feed off those emotions and become uneasy. If you pack slowly, it will be good for you and your dog.

2. Get Rid of Hazards

Before taking your dog to your new home, if possible, make sure it's clear of hazards. Check the backyard, garage, all the rooms, and any areas they can fit. Dogs will want to explore every inch of the new home, so make sure it's safe for them.

Some of the things to look for include:

  • Poisons, such as antifreeze, pesticides, medications, and some houseplants
  • Choking hazards, such as Legos, small toys, buttons, and other small items they may try to eat
  • Escape routes, such as holes under fences, space between the fence, and gates that don't close all the way

Make sure the home is safe for your dog before you introduce them.

3. Make the First Introduction a Game

Dogs love games and toys. When you first introduce them to the home, take them in, let them explore, and make a game out of it. Get out a few of their toys and play with them.

As you play, make sure to show them where their water and food dishes will be. You should also take them to the backyard and introduce them with plenty of fun in the area where they will do their business.

4. Stick to Their Routine, When Possible

Their routine and habits matter. If you want to keep your dog calm, make sure you stick to their routine as much as possible.

Feed them at the same time, take them on walks, if that's what they are used to, and do everything you'd normally do with your dog each day.

5. Show Your Dog Plenty of Love

During the first few days living in a new home, it's best to show your dog plenty of love. Try not to leave them alone as they may become nervous in an area they are not used to yet.

Giving them extra attention is a good idea and one-on-one time will help keep them calm.

After you've found the right home in Madison, use these tips to help your dog adjust to your new home.

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