About Josh Lavik & Associates:

Josh Lavik & Associates is a growing real estate team within eXp Realty LLC.  Josh Lavik started in real estate in 2005 and has consistently climbed the ranks to consistently be among the top 2% of all agents within the Madison area.  His team has a concrete vision for the future and is looking to bring on more team members that share the same values.  We are on a Mission to provide A Better Real Estate ExperienceTM and are looking for other talented people to join us.

Join our team

Our Vision is to become one of the top real estate teams in the world.  We are building a world class organization to become the best real estate team in the Madison area and beyond.

Our Core Values that we believe:

Market KNOWLEDGE and information are the keys to capturing the maximum value in any real estate transaction, and that the most valuable roles that a realtor can play for a client is that of a consultative partner and service provider.

The collective efforts of a TEAM are superior to the efforts of individuals when it comes to providing the full array of services necessary for a smooth real estate transaction.

We love our COMMUNITY and act to make it a better place to live.  We choose to take an active role by local community organizations.  We support our clients before, during, and after the transaction.

EXCELLENCE in any endeavor requires exceptional commitment and hard work. We must leave no stone unturned in our drive to flawlessly execute every task we encounter, and we must seek to utilize the full spectrum of resources at our disposal in our pursuit of client results.

Beliefs – We believe in creating a culture with a positive attitude, high energy, and a learning-based perspective.  When combining these elements in a team based structure, we believe that excellence can be achieved.

Perspective – We attract other talented people that have a desire to achieve.  Integrity is always doing the right thing.  Our track record comes from being customer oriented and solving problems.  We don’t complain, we take action towards improvement on a daily basis.

We Want to Meet You!

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Looking for an incredible opportunity?

Does this sound like you?

  • I love learning new things through experiences, reading, or taking classes

  • I have a strong desire to grow myself, personally and professionally

  • I wake up in the morning and have a strong drive to get things done

  • I’m smart and have often excelled in school, athletics, and/or my career

  • I’m not where I want to be today and yet I have big goals

  • I'm sometimes competitive with other people or even myself
  • I relate well with lots of different people

  • I’m very comfortable talking on the phone

  • I’m fairly tech savvy and usually able to figure things out on my own

  • High integrity is an absolute for me

  • I believe that people really matter and companies should treat them that way

  • I enjoy working in a team environment and seeing how my contribution affects things

  • I’m a good communicator

  • I have a positive attitude

  • I would like to really make a difference in this world


If you read through that list and you believe that this sounds like you, then you might be a good fit for our company.  We are a top performing real estate sales team and looking for an ideal candidate that has these skills.  Real estate experience is not required.  Sales or customer service experience would probably help.  Begin our hiring process by filling out the form below.


Our team has big goals and a big vision for the future.  We have a variety of roles we are looking to fill as we continue to grow.

Career path options

The wonderful thing about real estate is that there are so many different roles for you to thrive.  We are modeling and learning from the very best in the industry to build our team.  The best part is that when you join, you’ll be fast tracked on a path to success right away!  The barrier to entry in the real estate industry is somewhat low, and the sad reality is that the failure rate is also very high.  When someone joins our team, they instantly have more focus, accountability, training, and leads than they would receive out on their own.  As a result, the odds of success are MUCH higher.

Josh Lavik Team

Our team has four primary career areas of focus:


Inside Sales

Outside Sales

Partner Agent

  • Executive assistant

  • Operations manager

  • Listing manager

  • Transaction coordinator

  • Marketing manager

  • Client care manager

  • Inbound sales

  • Outbound sales

  • Director of lead generation

  • Buyer agent

  • Showing agent

  • Listing agent

  • Dual agent

  • Lead agent and coach

  • Independent contractor within eXp Realty

  • Part of our upline/downline for support

  • Showing and open house assistant

The good news is that we need people in all these roles to make our team a success.  While superstars in sports or business may exist, the very best have a rock solid team in place that all pull in the same direction.  The best football team only gets to the superbowl because they all knew their roles and played at a high level together.  To learn more about job descriptions and what each role entails, simply ask and we will share it with you.


Step 1: Obtain your Real Estate License

Looking to obtain your real estate license for Wisconsin?  Here's a few options to consider.


Obtain your real estate license today for Wisconsin

Regular price at WRA is $345.   

If you sign up through our our firm, then the cost can be reduced to $145.  But you must contact us FIRST before signing up.

The CE Shop

Obtain your real estate license today for Wisconsin


Check out more about this incredible company by visiting joshlavik.exprealty.careers or check out the videos below or our blog post about why we made the change.

Step 2:  Now what?  Begin onboarding

After you've obtained your real estate license, it's time to choose a firm to join.  There are a number of options out there and we recommend that you check out at least a couple of them before making a final decision.  After all, real estate is the type of career that rewards commitment and dedication.

Click here to schedule a conversation to discuss onboarding with Josh Lavik and eXp Realty.

In the meantime, you'll want to start preparing for your new career in real estate.  Some basics you'll want to start with include:  a written biography/resume to share with potential clients, a business plan (or at least partly created), and your finances in order with a business bank account. Don't worry, there's a lot more to do and we're here to help.

Step 3:  Making it!

The National Association of Realtors says that the median number of transaction sides in 2021 was 12 units sold.  If you get to this level, then you're starting to make it.  Congratulations!!!  While you're starting to earn some real income, you also probably have a number of expenses to run your business.  However, you can start to see that this could actually be a sustainable career option for you.  As you get closer to 20 or 30 transaction sides, then you really begin to feel like you're making it.

Step 4:  Scaling Up!

In order to really make a great living in the real estate industry, you will want to scale your business.  This means you need to invest in additional marketing and staff to truly grow.  In our experience this really becomes noticeable around 30 transactions per year.  You might start to feel like you're working all the time and will truly want additional leverage in place.  This is where transaction coordinators, marketing assistants, and additional agents on your team can truly help.

Step 5:  Killing it!

At this point you've built a solid business, you're generating great referrals from past clients and new business from a variety of sources.  Some people choose to lead a larger team, become an industry thought leader, or just take more market share.  This can be anywhere from 80-500 sales per year, or more depending on how you build your business.  We would love to be a part of your journey as you scale!


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